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Photograph showing a senior poll worker in a yellow safety vest holding a cane and locking and pushing a red "Closed" Register at a ballot box in Washington state.
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The preliminary results of the midterm elections are available

By the end of election night, the South Seattle Emerald contributed to the reporting Real change news to offer preliminary results. Early results from some key local races relevant to the South End include:

king county
  • Leesa Manion heads Jim Ferrell as King County’s Attorney.
  • Chipalo Street leads Emilia Smith to #2 for District 37 of the Washington House of Representatives.
  • Emily Alvarado leads incumbent Leah Griffin for District 34 of the Washington House of Representatives at position 1.
  • Acting Steve Hobbs leads Julie Wise as Secretary of State in Washington by a narrow margin.
  • Incumbent US Senator Patty Murray leads Tiffany Smiley for the US Senate.
  • Incumbent Rep. Adam Smith leads Doug Basler for Washington’s 9th congressional district.
  • Incumbent Rep. Pramila Jayapal leads Cliff Moon for Washington state’s 7th congressional district.
Advisory votes voting measures
  • King County, Washington, Charter Amendment 1, Measure for Even-Year Elections: Voters approved the shifting of the election dates for the district executive, board member, election commissioner, and council members from odd to even presidential election years beginning in 2026 to increase voter turnout.
  • King County, Washington, Proposition 1, Property Tax for Natural Areas, Trails, and Green Space Funding Measure: Voters approved a proposal to waive a property tax of $6.25 per $100,000 of appraised value to provide funds for “urban green spaces, natural areas, wildlife and salmon habitats, hiking trails, river corridors, farmlands and forests in King County.”
  • Seattle, Washington, Proposition 1A and 1B, Approval Voting Initiative and Ranked Election Action: One of the closest races in electoral action revolves around Proposition 1A or 1B, which relates to accepting consent or ranked voting decisions in future elections. His result is not yet clear; More than 50% of voters must choose one or the other and on the morning of November 9th the vote was 51% in favour, with many more ballots to be counted.
  • Washington Advisory Vote 39. Solicits voters’ opinion on recent jet fuel tax hike: The vote is advisory only, but voters are currently voting to repeal the tax increase.
  • Washington Advisory Vote 40. Solicits voters’ views on workers’ compensation for rideshare workers: The vote is advisory only, but voters are currently voting to remove the supplemental workers’ compensation.

The latest results from all King County elections are updated daily at 4:00 p.m. on the official King County Elections website.

national elections

Across the country, midterm election results are still being calculated and uncertainty remains over which party will retain control of the House and Senate. Earlier expectations of a “Red Wave” or an overwhelming Republican victory have not materialized; Control of both houses of Congress could amount to racing in key swing states.

From the morning of November 9th Related press releases named the following important national races by counting the votes:

US Senate

Key remaining Senate races to watch are races in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.

(With 30 of 35 seats to choose from)

Called races include:

US House of Representatives

(With 374 out of 435 seats up for election.)


Called races include:

parties total seats loss of gain seats won No choice
Republican Party 24 -2 16 8th
Democratic Party 21 +2 fifteen 6
Other parties 0 0 0 0

Called races include:

A student killed in a shooting at Ingraham High School

A fatal shooting took the life of a student at Ingraham High School on Tuesday November 8th. According to reports from KIRO 7, students said the incident happened after an argument in a school corridor. It is unclear whether the shooter and the victim knew each other.

The school will be closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays this week as the community recovers. A vigil was held the night of the shooting.

As reported in the Seattle Police Department Blotter at 11:00 a.m. the same day: “As of 9:55 a.m. Tuesday, police received reports of a school shooting on the 1800 block of North 135th Street. Officers arrived and formed contact teams to enter the school immediately. Police found one person with a gunshot wound and provided assistance until Seattle Fire Department paramedics transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center [sic] with life-threatening injuries.”

SPD one person arrested following the fatal shooting at Ingraham High School, and police are continuing to investigate. The first hearing of the arrested person is scheduled for November 9 at 2 p.m. at the Child and Family Justice Center in Seattle.

During the hearing, a judge will hear arguments from prosecutors and the defense and make a decision on detention. The transcript of the hearing will be available in the court records if a judge finds a probable cause, available from the King County Clerk’s Office. Recorded documentation is determined by the judge, but no public streaming option was made available.

Full details of the incident would be addressed by police investigators – possibly including names – by the court personally at the hearing, by order of a judge.

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