NFL Week 10 Overreactions and Reality Checks: Can Kirk Cousins ​​Reach the Super Bowl? Is Josh Allen going back?

Week 10 of the NFL gave us the game of the year between the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills. The mid-November matchup in Buffalo had it all with clumsy plays, insane errors and incredible wide receiver play from Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs. Two of the NFL’s best teams went head to head in a wild game that will be discussed throughout the week.

The Sunday list saw some interesting developments with the second half of the season underway – a perfect time for overreaction and reality checks from the Sunday afternoon list of games.

Overreaction or reality: overreaction

The Vikings are a Super Bowl contender and one of the best teams in the league, but it’s fair to ask if Cousins ​​can take them to Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona. Cousins ​​finished 30-of-50 for 357 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions in the decisive win over the Bills, but was unable to win the game on his own.

Cousins ​​was saved from a failed fourth-goal quarterback sneak that he couldn’t get in thanks to a fumble by Bills at their own 1-yard line on the next play. The fumble resulted in a touchdown and gave Minnesota the lead. After the Vikings got the ball first in overtime, Cousins ​​had an opportunity to win the game with a first-and-goal at the Bills 2-yard line with a touchdown. Instead, he was sacked for a 10-yard loss and threw an incomplete pass — resulting in a field goal and giving Buffalo an opportunity to win the game.

The Vikings won because of Bill’s mistakes, not Cousins ​​and his game. They’re a Super Bowl contender, but Cousins ​​will need to play better to give them the first title the franchise has been seeking.

Josh Allen has regressed this season

Overreaction or reality: overreaction

Allen is not in his best phase of football at the moment. In his last three games, Allen has seven giveaways with six interceptions — three in the red zone. In his first six games, Allen had just four interceptions and six giveaways.

Allen has completed 58.8% of his passes for 753 yards with three touchdowns for six interceptions in his last three games (67.2 rating). The Bills are 1-2 in those starts and rely on Allen’s game to get them out of trouble.

Allen leads the league with 10 interceptions and 13 giveaways and isn’t your typical MVP self. While that’s a bad stretch of football, the Bills quarterback hasn’t regressed. It is too short to make that statement.

Overreaction or reality: reality

There hasn’t been a pass catcher at the Packers capable of doing what Watson did on Sunday, making an offensive difference. Watson was able to make that difference for the Packers, catching four passes for 107 yards and three touchdowns in Green Bay’s overtime win over Dallas.

Watson caught both touchdown passes in the Packers’ 14-point comeback in the fourth quarter against Dallas. He’s already had as many touchdowns as Romeo Doubs and as many 100-yard receiving plays as Allan Lazard.

Watson can click Green Bay’s offense, which could be enough to put the Packers in the playoffs.

The Cowboys are eliminated from the NFC East race

Overreaction or reality: reality

Dallas gambled away a 14-point lead over Green Bay in the fourth quarter in Sunday’s loss, the biggest fourth-quarter meltdown in franchise history. The collapse also significantly dashed any hope Dallas had of winning the NFC East.

The Cowboys are 2.5 games behind the Eagles with eight games left (the Eagles play Monday night). If Philadelphia wins, the Eagles will have a three-game lead over the Cowboys with eight games remaining — and the head-to-head tiebreaker in hand.

The Cowboys have the Vikings and the Giants on Thanksgiving next Sunday. Good luck catching Philadelphia.

Josh McDaniels was due to be fired this week

Overreaction or reality: reality

The Raiders’ last three weeks went like this: ruled out by the Saints, Jaguar’s 17-point lead gambled away, lost to a head coach in his first game coaching with no professional or collegiate experience. This is a 2-7 Raiders team that has dropped 20+ points in every game this season, has a quarterback who is upset with the team’s performance, and lacks a sense of direction on either side of the ball.

This is a bad football team that isn’t getting any better. Remember, the Raiders made the playoffs last season and added Chandler Jones and Davante Adams to their roster. McDaniels needs to be fired — he’s not an NFL head coach.

Overreaction or reality: reality

We can say that now, right? Tagovailoa completed 78.1% of his passes for 285 yards with three touchdowns to zero interceptions in Sunday’s win against the Browns, the third straight game in which he was thrown for three touchdowns to zero interceptions. He’s the only quarterback in Dolphins history to pull off that feat (three straight games with three touchdowns and zero interceptions) – not even Marino could do it.

In the seven games that Tagovailoa has started and ended, the Dolphins are 7-0. Tagovailoa completed 71.8% of his passes and threw for 2,155 yards for 18 touchdowns for two interceptions (122.4 rating) in those games. He’s the best quarterback the Dolphins have had since Marino retired — without exception.

The Giants will make the playoffs

Overreaction or reality: reality

At this rate, the wins don’t have to be pretty. The Giants earned their 6-2 start and just need to keep winning victories as they prepare for a playoff berth. To win 10 games, the Giants just have to go 3-5 the rest of the way.

After the win on Sunday against the Texans, the playoffs seem quite possible according to the current status of the NFC. The Giants are three games ahead of the Commanders and 3.5 games ahead of the Falcons to reach the final playoff spot in the conference.

As the weeks go by and the wins mount, the playoffs in New York are becoming a reality. Having the Lions and Colts on the schedule definitely helps.

Overreaction or reality: overreaction

First things first: It’s hard not to vote for Mahomes as MVP for 10 weeks. The Chiefs quarterback had 26 of 35 for 331 yards with four touchdowns to an interception (129.6 rating) in Sunday’s win against the Jaguars. This season, Mahomes has completed 66.9% of his passes for 2,936 yards with 25 touchdowns for seven interceptions and a 106.1 passer rating as the Chiefs are 7-2 for the year.

Mahomes is on the pace for 5,546 yards and 47 touchdowns — certainly MVP numbers. Why isn’t he MVP? Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa have impressive cases of their own as the Eagles are the only undefeated in the league and the Dolphins are 7-0 in games where Tagovailoa starts and ends. Both put up insane numbers.

Mahomes is the leader in the clubhouse, but he’s not a clear frontrunner.

The Buccaneers are NFC Super Bowl contenders

Overreaction or reality: overreaction

Tampa Bay still has a lot more to prove after returning to .500 with a win over NFC West leader Seattle in Germany. The Buccaneers have won back-to-back games and have renewed commitment to the running game thanks to the emergence of Rachaad White.

Are the Buccaneers better than the Eagles, Vikings and Cowboys right now? That has yet to be determined, but any team with Tom Brady at quarterback can’t be ruled out. The Buccaneers have taken control of a poor NFC South, so a playoff spot seems inevitable.

How far can Tampa Bay go in January? They will have an opportunity to increase their odds in the last seven games, but we can’t call them a Super Bowl contender just yet.

Justin Fields will break the rushing yards record for QBs

Overreaction or reality: reality

What Fields has achieved in the last two games is unlike anything we’ve seen in NFL history. After 147 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday’s loss to the Lions, Fields has 325 rushing yards in his last two games — the most by any quarterback in a two-game streak in NFL history.

Fields has 602 rushing yards in his last six games, the most by a quarterback in a six-game span. He has 749 rushing yards a year and is pacing 1,273 a season — the most by a quarterback in NFL history.

Lamar Jackson holds the record with 1,206. Fields seems poised to rewrite the history books.

Alex Highsmith will reach the Pro Bowl this year

Overreaction or reality: reality

The Steelers’ defense has missed TJ Watt badly over the past two months but spotted a player in Highsmith. Highsmith finished Sunday’s win against the Saints with three pressings and two sacks, has 29 pressings and is third in the NFL with 8.5 sacks. He only has 10 quarterback hits and 20 rushes, but those numbers should go up once Watt gets back on track.

If the sack counts stay in the league’s top-10, Highsmith will be in the Pro Bowl. He’s affecting the Steelers’ defense, which will be significantly better with Watt back.


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