Nick Lang – 12th Athlete of the Week

ENDICOTT, NY (WBNG) – “I don’t think anyone will catch Nick when he comes out into the open field.”

It has become a common sight at Union Endicott football games this year. Number 9 runs across the field all by himself and scores touchdowns longer than most drives.

That player is senior back Nick Lang, who always seems to find the open field.

“Usually when I see one of my big linemen, they’re running right in front of me, and I see them take out a guy, and there’s just green grass right in front of me. So I just keep running and no one catches me,” Lang said.

Nick is one of the most explosive Section 4 defenders as he has had multiple touchdown runs for 70 yards this season.

“Knowing that I got him to catch my gap the way he does is just so comforting and it’s amazing to see him run 80 yards past me into the end zone,” added Max Sementelli, Union-Endicott senior quarterback.

But while those games would be career moments for most players, Nick expects more.

“It feels good to just walk past everyone. I can show how fast I am and all my blockers lead me into the end zone to make it feel good. But again, it’s what you’re supposed to do. It should happen every time,” Lang explained.

While those are high claims, Nick lives up to the words, especially in the biggest moments.

When the Tigers played rival Vestal in the regular season, it was Nick who returned a punt for a touchdown that made the difference in the 12-7 win.

But as he reflects back on that season-defining night, it’s not his game that impresses him the most.

“I would say against Vestal when we played them for the first time. Intercepting the game that Letrail had. That was huge. Sealed the game for us. They were within field goal range, could have gotten the field goal, but we took it home,” Lang said.

This selfless attitude comes as no surprise to those around him.

“He also counts on his teammates. So he’s not a person who gets upset when his number isn’t called. He’s a huge supporter of all his teammates,” added Union Endicott head coach Tom Baleno.

Now Nick and Union-Endicott are competing in the state tournament after winning the Section 4 Class A title. The Tigers are on a nine-game winning streak and are confident going into their encounter with West Genesee this Friday.

But Nick makes sure the team isn’t complacent and understands the goal.

“It feels good but I expect that from us once again because we are a great team, good coaches. We’re like a brotherhood over here, so we do everything together. We win together, we lose together,” said Lang.

Because at Union-Endicott it’s normal to play big games.


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