November NHL News, Standings and Opinion (Wednesday, 2/11)

The 2022-23 NHL season is in full swing. We have our first NHL rankings and news update for this month. So let’s get into what’s happening around the league.

November NHL News, Standings and Opinion (Wednesday, 2/11)

Atlantic Division Ranking:

Boston Bruins: 9-1-0 18 points

Buffalo Sabers: 6-3-0 12 points

Tampa Bay Lightning: 6-4-0 12 points

Florida Panthers: 5-4-1 11 points

Detroit Red Wings: 4-3-2 10 points

Montreal Canadiens: 5-5-0 10 points

Toronto Maple Leafs: 4-4-2 10 points

Ottawa Senators: 4-5-0 8 points

Department News:

The Boston Bruins have been the NHL’s biggest upset this season. They have an almost perfect record and have done really well so far. Boston has one of the best last dance runs we’ve seen, with players like Bergeron, Krejci and Pastrnak all playing well despite not being signed this season.

Metropolitan Division Rankings:

New Jersey Devils: 7-3-0 14 points

New York Rangers: 6-3-2 14 points

Carolina Hurricanes: 6-2-1 13 points

Philadelphia Flyers: 5-2-2 12 points

New York Islanders: 6-4-0 12 points

Washington Capitals: 5-4-2 12 points

Pittsburgh Penguins: 4-4-2 10 points

Columbus Blue Jackets: 3-7-0 6 points

Department News:

Big news from Metro has to be how good the New York Islanders were. The Islanders are on a four-game winning streak and turning the corner after a difficult start to the season.

Middle class table:

Dallas Stars: 6-3-1 13 points

Winnipeg Jets: 5-3-1 11 points

Minnesota Wild: 5-4-1 11 points

Chicago Blackhawks: 4-4-2 10 points

Colorado Avalanche: 4-4-1 9 points

Arizona Coyotes: 3-5-1 7 points

Nashville Predators: 3-6-1 7 points

St Louis Blues: 3-5-0 6 points

Department News:

The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the more interesting teams in Central right now. Despite being committed to a rebuild this offseason, their players have done their best on the ice to win games. Another team that was fun to watch has to be the Dallas Stars. Dallas has won every game against division and conference rivals, but their losses came against really strong teams in the east.

Pacific Division Ranking:

Vegas Golden Knights: 9-2-0 18 points

Edmonton Oilers: 7-3-0 14 points

Seattle Kraken: 5-4-2 12 points

Los Angeles Kings: 6-6-0 12 points

Calgary Flames: 5-3-0 10 points

Anaheim Ducks: 3-6-1 7 points

San Jose Sharks: 3-8-1 7 points

Vancouver Canucks: 2-6-2 6 points

Department News:

The Seattle Kraken have one of the best rookies in the NHL right now and another rookie that needs more play. This division has three teams, all of whom fought their way out of goal in Anaheim, San Jose, and Vancouver. It will be interesting to see if any of them take the lead for the Tank for Bedard event throughout the year.

The tables are constantly changing. Which teams currently in the playoffs do you think will not be in it by the end of the season?


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