Octave Audio chooses Veritonic’s Brand Lift technology for audio


Digital audio powerhouse Octave Audio leverages Veritonic’s industry-leading Brand Lift measurement solution to provide clients, including Mustard.co.uk, with unprecedented data on the impact of their audio creations

Veritonic, the industry’s most comprehensive audio research and analysis platform, announced today that Octave Audio, the targeted audio advertising platform and joint venture of News UKs Wireless and Bauer Media, has renewed its partnership with Veritonic and selected its Brand Lift technology to to provide their clients with unparalleled data and insights into the performance of their audio creatives.

Through this partnership, Octave Audio customers can conduct studies to assess the impact of their audio on their overall goals, including product promotion, lead generation, brand loyalty and more. By measuring key metrics like brand awareness, popularity, and purchase intent, clients can use the actionable data from the studies to customize their campaigns and increase their ROI.

“We are proud to support Octave in its mission to create and deliver high-performing audio advertising on behalf of its customer base,” said Damian Scragg, General Manager of International & Brand Sales at Veritonic. “The robustness of our Brand Lift solution lends itself well to reviewing and amplifying the impact of audio campaigns and ultimately developing a comprehensive audio strategy.”

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“We are excited to partner with Veritonic to bring this mission-critical data to our 700+ customers around the world,” said Tom McKay, Octave’s Head of Product & Strategy. “Veritonic shares our mission to help brands and agencies that use audio understand the impact of their campaigns and generate actionable insights for future campaign planning.”

Octave Audio recently worked with Mustard.co.uk, the client of its insurance comparison site, to leverage Veritonic’s industry-leading audio brand lift technology to test which ads ranked between targeted in terms of awareness, popularity and intent Ads arrive and work best and non-targeted ads. Veritonic’s sophisticated technology provided Mustard with actionable and insightful data on the performance of targeted audio ads, showing a 14 ppt increase in recall, a 5 ppt increase in intention, and a 4.5 ppt increase in overall response for the targeted ads.

“Veritonic’s campaign measurement technology has empowered our team to make more informed, data-driven audio decisions,” said Jazmine Brace, Marketing Manager at mustard.co.uk. “Incisive insights into what works and resonates with our audience or target creative type has given us the confidence we need to deliver audio campaigns that we know will have a strong ROI.”

Veritonic’s Brand Lift technology enables brands and advertisers to measure the impact of their creative assets across a variety of audio channels. The data and analytics gleaned from the technology provide a very insightful overview of campaign performance within a brand or agency’s unique audience targeting needs to establish a baseline for measuring success or areas for improvement.

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