Official unveiling of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Technology and IP Exchange


On November 8, 2022, the successful opening ceremony of “The Venture Capital Day of Shenzhen” and the unveiling ceremony of SZSE Technology and IP Exchange (the “Center”) were held. It was attended by CSRC Vice Chairman Fang Xinghai, Ministry of Science and Technology Vice Minister Li Meng, China National Intellectual Property Administration Vice Commissioner Lu Pengqi, NDRC Comprehensive System Reform Director Xu Shanchang, and Finance Minister Paul Chan Mopo from Hong Kong via video and through Secretary Meng Fanli of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Chairman Chen Huaping of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on site. On-site participants included Shenzhen executives, heads of SZSE and representatives of market institutions.

Meng said the opening ceremony of the “Venture Capital Day of Shenzhen” and the unveiling ceremony of SZSE Technology and IP Exchange is a concrete step by Shenzhen to implement the 20’s guiding principles, vigorously advance the venture capital industry and accelerate high-quality, innovation-driven development. We will create the best ecosystem to the best of our knowledge and belief and through the best policies and services to make Shenzhen a first choice for global innovation, entrepreneurship, investment and development.

Fang said that through the establishment of the center, the multi-level capital market system including SZSE will further deepen cooperation with colleges and universities, research institutes, science and technology enterprises, private equity and venture capital, and pool their efforts to promote the deep integration of high-level technology , High-level talent and innovative capital. CSRC will mark the Shenzhen Venture Capital Day and the opening of the center as an opportunity to further improve the system and mechanism of the capital market that supports scientific and technological innovation, promote the high-quality development of the technology and capital market, and contribute to the modernization of China together.

Li said that we should advance work on technology from the point of putting innovation at the heart of China’s modernization efforts, to really make scientific and technological innovation an important driver, to promote high-quality development, new areas and racetracks to explore and develop and develop new drivers and advantages. The center is of great importance to make better use of financial and market mechanisms, improve the technological factors market, optimize allocation mechanisms and scientific and technological innovation systems, and efficiently integrate technological and financial factors. We hope that the center will play an even greater role in supporting the industrial application of results from national scientific and technological programmes.

Lu said that as an effective ownership regime and an innovation and incentive mechanism, the IP system is an important foundation for the market-oriented allocation of innovation resources and technological factors. The center is established at the right time to play an important role in effectively linking the capital market, technological advances and intellectual property. The China National Intellectual Property Administration will join forces with other parties to support the development of the center, encourage more IP-intensive innovative enterprises, and contribute more to building China into an IP, science and technology giant.

Chen said the establishment of the center is an important measure by the SZSE to implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and help Shenzhen build the pilot demonstration zone, and an important step for the SZSE to strengthen the innovation capital formation system perfect. SZSE will scrupulously implement the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, improve the innovative service chain, and optimize the allocation of innovation resources. SZSW will also do its utmost to further develop the center, strive to build a platform for the application of scientific and technological advances, create synergies and serve innovation centers, and better serve the self-reliance and self-empowerment of higher-level science and technology.


At the inauguration ceremony, the center signed strategic cooperation agreements with the first 16 institutions online or offline, including government agencies (such as the National Center for Science & Technology Evaluation of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the China Association of Science and Technology Evaluation and Management of Scientific and Technical Achievements ), high-tech parks, colleges and universities, research institutes, technology transfer institutes, stock trading exchanges, commercial banks, investment institutes, etc. During the day, the center also signed the cooperation agreements with three colleges and universities and research institutes on the application of scientific and technological advances. 15 professional service institutions (such as IP operation agency, financing assessment and legal arbitration) have settled in the center. The center’s official website ( also officially went online. Within the day, the center completed 8 technological transactions totaling about RMB 76 million, including 4 on patent license, 1 on service invention transfer and 3 on technology investment/matchmaking financing.


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