Olympic Sports Spotlight: 11/8 | Go to Iowa

I love what Iowa has done with its basketball teams this fall. I know we don’t generally cover basketball here, but Iowa came up with a few different marketing tactics for the upcoming season that really impressed me. First, they threw a block party right in the middle of downtown Iowa City and gave people a chance to meet the players, shoot some hoops, and win some prizes. Then last night they set the schedule for the first games of the year as men/women doubles. One ticket, two games.

This is how you build a fan base. Both teams deserve your support this year, and the Iowa Athletic Department is starting to get creative to work toward that goal. I hope they consider applying the same effort to some of the other Olympic sports in Iowa, whether it’s a visually exciting sport like volleyball or a sport where the Hawkeyes are one of the best teams in the country, like field hockey. There are ways to build a fan base, no matter the sport. Hopefully we’ll see how the rest of the Olympic sports teams take advantage of this. Heck, I bet it would be a great capstone for the marketing majors. Get creative! There are only positive results.

Hawkeye Whiparound:

  • Field hockey from Iowa competed in the Big Ten tournament last week and had a tough time against Michigan, losing 3-0. From the start, Michigan dominated every phase of the game. The Hawks were constantly defending in their own zone, and to at least an untrained field hockey eye, the Wolverines looked faster and stronger overall. It was another tough loss for a team that suffered a bit of disappointment here late in the season. Even after losing, Anthe Nijziel still earned All-Tournament Team honors. Luckily for the Hawks, they still qualified for the NCAA tournament, giving them a chance to end the season on a high note when it counts. They face Virginia in the first round. The game is scheduled for Friday, November 11 at 2:30pm CT.

  • Iowa volleyball traveled east to face Rutgers and Maryland, but failed to secure a win in either game. The Hawks looked sloppy for much of the game against Rutgers, digging into holes to avoid passing and batting errors. Against Maryland, Iowa struggled and even won a set, but couldn’t pull together the full effort to take the win. We’re entering the toughest part of the season here and it looks like the wear and tear of the long schedule is beginning to catch up with the Hawkeyes. Fresh starters are bringing in more points than in the past, and transfers recognize the toll it takes on you to play at one of the best conferences in America. The Hawkeyes continue to show flashes that have me excited for the future, but I’m still waiting to see how they pull it all together into a full match. Maybe I’m naive, but I still think this group has a win or two left this year. The Hawks are back in action Friday against #4 Nebraska.


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