OMEGA X addresses agency controversy in press conference

Later this week, K-pop boy band OMEGA X will hold a press conference to publicly address the ongoing controversy over their alleged mistreatment by their agency, SPIRE Entertainment.

Today (November 14), the boy band told South Korean news outlets that they will hold a press conference with their legal representatives on November 16 at 2pm KST. Corresponding YTN StarOMEGA X will address “damage” caused by their agency, SPIRE Entertainment, as well as future countermeasures.

The announcement comes just days after the South Korean media release SBS published a report with new allegations against SPIRE Entertainment. That includes a claim that four members of OMEGA X were ordered to hide positive COVID-19 test results and perform at a concert, along with screenshots of the alleged conversation allegedly initiated by former CEO Kang Seong-hee.

Corresponding SBS, officials from SPIRE Entertainment told reporters that, according to a statement they received on the 7th CHAIRMAN). However, SPIRE did not address claims that it had instructed OMEGA X members to take and conceal positive COVID-19 test results.

Allegations of SPIRE Entertainment’s mistreatment of the group first surfaced in late October following the conclusion of OMEGA X’s “Connect: Don’t Give Up” US tour. Fans of the act shared video and audio clips on social media of allegedly Kang verbally abusing and abusing the group outside of a concert hall and in their hotel lobby.

Kang denied the allegations, and SPIRE Entertainment responded to the leaked footage in a statement Oct. 24, claiming that Kang and the group simply “got excited” while discussing the work that went into the tour was, causing them to increase their top-up votes. At the time, SPIRE added that OMEGA X and the agency had “cleared all their misunderstandings.”

However, the boy band created an independent Instagram account on Nov. 6, where they spoke of enduring “unfair treatment” at the hands of their agency. This was followed by SPIRE Entertainment’s apology and the announcement of the resignation of its CEO.

OMEGA X continues to use its independent Instagram account as the sole means of communicating directly with its fans, rather than their official profile managed by SPIRE. The account also shared SBS’ reports and videos of their alleged abuse at the hands of SPIRE via its Instagram Stories.


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