OMEGA X fans are slamming SPIRE Entertainment for only giving them a week-long break after the abuse members endured

OMEGA X’s agency, SPIRE Entertainment, has drawn the wrath of fans for only giving members a one-week break after the abuse they endured.

Since September 8th, OMEGA X members have been participating in NAVER VIBEs every Thursday party room where they talk about various topics related to comfort, positivity and mental health. On the show, the members also interact with their fans in live broadcasts, making it a fan favorite.

However, a video of CEO Kang abusing and attacking members went viral, and the agency has tried its best to prevent the matter from escalating further. In a recent update, NAVER VIBE announced that OMEGA X will be released weekly party room will not take place on Thursday 27th October and will return next week on 3rd November.

OMEGA X fans are furious that the agency is attempting to sweep matters under the rug, giving the idols just a week’s respite for the amount of abuse members have endured over time.

@vibemusic_kr @OmegaX_official 1 WEEK???? Is that all you give them? OF COURSE.. we want them back too.. BUT YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING is more important! And that’s what happened to them. @SPIRE_ENT YOU DON’T SWEEP THIS UNDER THE RUG! WE KNOW NOW… HOW TO GO TO YOUR ACTIVITIES!!!

OMEGA X fans blame SPIRE Entertainment for their lack of responsibility

OMEGA X fans are furious at SPIRE Entertainment’s lack of accountability and responsibility for the ongoing controversy. They feel that SPIRE Entertainment is just trying to divert everyone’s attention from the controversy to avoid doing anything about it.

However, the angry rejoinders and reactions from the fans are proof that they are not ready to just let this matter go and call for justice for the members and the abuse they have had to endure throughout.

“Protect OMEGA X” continues to be a fan motto, calling for swift action against the group’s abusive management.

@vibemusic_kr @OmegaX_official You think because you’re taking a week off everything is going to fall over? You literally said NOTHING during this whole ordeal and expect everyone to be okay?

@vibemusic_kr @OmegaX_official So you just act like nothing happened? pathetic. Do you really think we’ll just forgive and forget and just move on? Well you thought FUCKING WRONG this is so embarrassing wow you are such a joke from a company it’s honestly sad

Fans have made it clear to SPIRE Entertainment that they are in no mood to forgive or forget anything. They are demanding a formal apology, a confession of all the agency’s actions, and compensation for the physical and psychological trauma they inflicted on the members of OMEGA X.

@Idajnssn2 @vibemusic_kr @OmegaX_official the company has not commented since the videos were released, this is just an announcement from naver of the already planned schedule

It all started when an eyewitness saw CEO Kang Seong-hee yelling at and physically attacking the members of the group.

CEO Kang even caused a stir at the hotel where the group was staying by repeatedly knocking on their doors, causing a scene so much that local police had to be dispatched to the hotel twice.

The video went viral, shocking the group’s fans. CEO Kang and SPIRE Entertainment released a statement clarifying that the news reports were fake and disseminated intentionally to slander the agency.

It was later revealed that the agency had canceled the group’s plane tickets to Korea, leaving the members and their management to fend for themselves during their stay in Los Angeles. Members were forced to use their personal money or seek help from friends and family to book their own plane tickets and return to Korea.

@vibemusic_kr @OmegaX_official Don’t tell me you care about her health, you’re lying, but don’t make her suffer because this situation is only going to get worse and we won’t forgive you. Conversation redirected to @SPIRE_ENT

On October 25, the group members safely reached Korea, and the chairman of SPIRE Entertainment personally received the members at Incheon Airport. However, fans believe that this was just for show, as the agency tried to divert the audience’s attention from the real issue.

Several of their friends, colleagues and associates have spoken out against SPIRE Entertainment, confirming that CEO Kang and management are indeed treating members abusively.

OMEGA X’s Sebin posted a simple message in a now-deleted tweet to reassure fans

Member Sebin shared a simple post on social media to reassure fans that the group is doing fine despite the social media ban. The tweet has since been deleted, but fans are hoping members are okay.

The last post shared with fans was a series of selcas by member Xen after the conclusion of the group’s final concert on October 22nd at 11:45pm PST.

Since the controversy, Group 11 members have maintained a studied silence before Sebin finally shared a photo of himself to reassure fans. However, the photo was not shared through the group’s joint account, but rather on SNUPER’s Twitter account. For those not in the know, member Sebin is part of OMEGA X as well as K-pop group SNUPER which is currently inactive.

However, fans are unsure if the photo was posted by Sebin or another member of SNUPER. Although the photo has been deleted, fans hope the members are okay.

SPIRE Entertainment has not released a statement of clarification at the time of writing this article.

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