Omnifilm Entertainment plans rapid international expansion of its fitness streaming platform and secures federal funding

Vancouver-based manufacturing company leverages industry-leading platform and government investment to expand into US

VANCOUVER, BC, November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Omnifilm Entertainment, the award-winning Canadian independent television and film production company, today announced its recent Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO) certification and receipt of government funding canada Creative Export Canada (CEC) program, a highly competitive program supporting Canadian cultural organizations. The certification and funding will allow Omnifilm to fuel the expansion of its subscription-based fitness channel, Movement by NM, in the United States and beyond, while continuing to enhance the platform.

Movement by NM offers a library of top-notch fitness classes across disciplines including dance, HIIT, boxing, kickboxing and yoga, as well as content exploring the power of movement. Led by elite trainers, the on-demand app is guaranteed to help people feel more confident in their bodies through accessible, inclusive, and positive movement practices. Features like personalized plans encourage encouragement for all members, no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

“While we have quietly built a strong Canadian subscriber base, our vision for Movement by NM is global. CEC funding allows us to gain a foothold in the massive online fitness market that is thriving in the US,” says co-founder and CEO Amanda June Giannakos. She continues, “Our classes are designed for people who are short on time and want effective workouts that can be streamed from anywhere and feel like an in-person training session, and we look forward to connecting with the US audience to step.”

To achieve with the anticipated global online fitness market $79 billion Through 2026, Movement by NM brings a uniquely Canadian creative expression to the genre, showcasing indigenous talent and artists and content that reflects the diversity of Canada. In addition to the basic courses, subscribers to the platform can also access inspirational stories and documentaries. With Omnifilm’s recent CAVCO certification, the platform can now trigger tax credits and private funding, opening new avenues for funding and distributing Canadian content worldwide.

Movement by NM original productions include the short documentary, The adaptive athletewhich follows celebrated Canadian athlete Leo Sammarelli, and the It’s your turn and on the move Series that portray people and their movement stories. Recent acquisitions include the 2022 Oscar-winning short documentary The Queen of BasketballExecutive producers of NBA legends Stephen Curry and Shaquille O’Nealand Precious guide womanan award-winning film about the world famous Canadian snowboarder Spencer O’Brien.

“The CEC funding allows us to leverage Omnifilm’s decades of experience producing premium wellness content and our extensive distribution capabilities to bring Movement by NM to the forefront of online fitness,” he says Gabriela Schonbach, Omnifilm Partner and Executive Producer. “The Movement by NM brand is an extension of Omnifilm’s mission to create and distribute meaningful, premium content, and we look forward to inspiring people to move.”

Omnifilm is one of 29 organizations Canada Receive funding from CEC, which provides companies and organizations with the tools to export their content worldwide.

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This project was made possible in part by the government of Canada.

About Omnifilm Entertainment

Founded in Vancouver, Canada 1979 Omnifilm Entertainment is a vertically integrated content company covering development, production and post-production, delivery and distribution of its brands on both traditional television and digital/VOD platforms. Omnifilm offers turnkey production services for companies looking for an experienced, accomplished and quality-oriented local partner British Columbia and elsewhere inside Canada.

About Movement by NM

Movement by NM is a subscription-based fitness platform that allows members to stream world-class classes and programs led by elite instructors, as well as inspirational stories and documentaries. Movement by NM, a division of Omnifilm Entertainment, was founded in 2017 Vancouver, Canadain 2020, from mother-daughter duo Gabriela Schonbach and Amanda June Giannakos. The on-demand app produces instructional courses, programs and content that explore the intersection of art, fitness and everyday life. Subscriptions are available anytime, anywhere on the @movementbynm channel and app $15/monthly or $99/yearly.

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