Osteopore’s breakthrough natural tissue regeneration technology is coming into the global spotlight

The innovative regenerative medical technology and the devices of the world market leader improve the treatment results considerably and reduce the overall medical costs.

SINGAPORE, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Osteopore International (ASX:OSX) (“Osteopore”, “OSX” or the “Company”), a Singapore– and Australia-based medical technology company focused on facilitating natural tissue regeneration is poised for the global spotlight after quietly developing and commercializing its novel 3D printed bioresorbable scaffold implants that have the potential to revolutionize the way How Surgeons Help Patients Regrow Bone and Other Tissues Naturally.

Osteopore uses technology that was researched and developed in Singapore and its patent-protected 3D-printed scaffold implants use a bioresorbable material to mimic the complex and interconnected microstructure of bone to allow for the natural stages of bone healing. The implants harmlessly dissolve in the patient’s body over time, leaving only healthy bone without the need for artificial implants.

OSX CEO Mark Leon said, “OSX’s deeply passionate team brings great chemistry combined with the complementary skills and experiences required to be a truly global player. We have leveraged our superior technology and strive to be the world’s standard of care for natural tissue regeneration with a clear vision to become the world’s most valuable regenerative medicine company. Our technology improves clinical outcomes and patient quality of life while reducing the total cost of healthcare products and technology improvements.”

The technology behind the meteoric rise of Osteopore

OSX’s exciting and groundbreaking tissue regeneration technology is not exactly a nascent technology. It has over 10 years of clinical data and has been used in over 60,000 successful procedures worldwide with superior results over traditional procedures. With regulatory approvals in key markets including the FDA in The United States, Europe CE mark, Australia TG and Singapore’s Among many others, HSA OSX has distributors in over 20 countries on all continents.

The geographic focus of OSX will be The United States and China, the two largest markets worldwide. in the Aug 2022, which has reached a milestone in penetrating the US market, OSX announced that its US distributor has entered into an agreement to ship OSX products to the US federal government’s Veteran’s Affairs Medical Centers with 175 hospitals throughout land to be sold. That same month, OSX took a step closer to that China Market after signing a distribution agreement to begin the registration process of China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) to facilitate the marketing and sale of OSX products throughout the mainland China.

OSX implants can replace permanent implants such as metal/plastic implants, which tend to have higher infection and complication rates, and bone grafts. The impact of OSX implants is lower postoperative infection and complication rates, leading to better patient outcomes and lower overall medical costs as fewer follow-up surgeries are required.

Its unique proprietary 3D printing system allows implants to be used as standard off-the-shelf products or customized specifically to the patient’s individual needs. The production process uses the latest initiatives such as Industry 4.0 and AI design and is efficient and sustainable with minimal waste compared to other manufacturing processes.

OSX listed on Australia ASX three years ago and collaborated with renowned Australian surgeon Dr. Michael Wagels using OSX implants to perform three world first surgeries. One surgical procedure facilitated the regrowth of a patient’s 36 cm long tibia, which is notable not only for its sheer length but also for the fact that it is a load-bearing bone.

Osteopore continuously drives cutting-edge innovations

OSX is developing huge addressable markets and currently has key regulatory approvals in the craniofacial market and is entering the multi-billion dollar bone graft and permanent implant sectors. OSX accelerates the development of additional applications and receives additional regulatory approvals in the dental, oral-maxillofacial, orthopedic and aesthetic fields, making its technological solutions for tissue regeneration more widely available.

To secure its position at the frontier of tissue regeneration, OSX is exploring various partnerships and acquisitions. In addition to facilitating the body’s regenerative ability to regrow its own bone and tissue, OSX is also working on the next generation of regrowth acceleration products, the holy grail of tissue regeneration.

OSX has much more in the pipeline as it works towards expanding its clinical data on cartilage and tendon regeneration, which will create a whole new range of solutions to common problems, from sports injuries to aiding the aging process. With a treasure trove of existing animal data, OSX is exploring opportunities to use its hard and soft tissue regeneration technology in veterinary markets to treat pets and animals.

About Osteopore International

Osteopore Ltd, an Australian ASX listed (OSX) company with R&D and manufacturing in Singapore, is a global leader in the commercial scale manufacture of innovative regenerative implants. By combining biomimetic tissue science with proprietary 3D printing and materials technology, Osteopore manufactures medical implants that meet the needs of both tissue and bone reconstruction and repair. These bioresorbable implants provide a scaffold for bone regeneration and predictably dissolve over time to leave only natural bone tissue. In collaboration with clinicians and researchers, Osteopore develops and manufactures implants that address unmet clinical needs that improve patient outcomes, improve life and reduce healthcare costs. Visit www.osteopore.com for more information.

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