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125 years

October 22, 1897

There was a large crowd last night to hear Democratic Congressman John J. Lentz of Columbus discuss the policy issues of the current campaign. Mr. Lentz spoke for almost two and a half hours, and by the end of his speech there was no space left in the room and many were still standing. The meeting took place in the armory.


Firefighters were called around 5 a.m. this morning by a fire at Thomas Fitch’s sawmill, located at the intersection of Ohio Avenue and Wapakoneta Avenue. When the fire brigade arrived, the entire south side of the building was on fire. However, the fire was soon extinguished without major damage.


TM Hussey and Thomas Umstead of that town have the contract to level a mile and a half of roadbed for the proposed Columbus and Northwestern Railroad near Santa Fe, Logan County.

100 years

October 22, 1922

Members of the Junior Shakespeare Club celebrated the club’s 34th anniversary last night with a banquet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kah. Husbands were guests of the members for the affair. Mrs. CJ Briggs, President, welcomed them with a reply from Hugh Bingham.


Hon. Vic Donahey was forthright in his attack on the extravagance and mismanagement of the current administration under Governor Davis when he addressed a large and enthusiastic audience in the high school auditorium last night. The auditorium was packed to the brim, and many were not allowed in.

75 years

October 22, 1947

Local Democratic politics will get off to a good start on Friday night when a rally of party officials is held in the Wagner Hotel dining room with Miss Catherine Falvey of Boston and Joseph Quatman of Lima as speakers, announced today by Carl Lehman, the Chair. Miss Falvey, a solicitor, is a former WAC major and assisted at the Nuremberg Trials.


The state Supreme Court today agreed to review the right of the Shelby County Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to eliminate the East Salem rural school district. A group of East Salem residents sought a restraining order to stop the action. Although the Court of Appeals dismissed the motion, the Court of Appeals dismissed the suit. The Supreme Court is reviewing the merits of the case.


Sydney residents today had the opportunity to observe some of the deadly equipment used by Japan in its war against the United States when a Japanese suicide PT boat was on display here. The boat was captured in the Ryukyu Islands. It will be on display at the corner of Ohio Avenue and Poplar Street until 9:30 tonight.

50 years

October 22, 1972

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Reds, home for one last stand, have a chance to tie the World Series today because the Oakland A’s stopped producing miracles in the ninth inning and instead made mistakes in the ninth inning.


JACKSON CENTER — Mayor Donald Holt named Kenneth S. Spencer of Wapakoneta as the new city marshal on Wednesday night.

Spencer will complete a six-month apprenticeship, after which his tenure will become permanent and he will move to the Jackson Center.


Miss Lorrie Sue Bertsch has been appointed Valuable Advisor to the Sidney Assembly, Order of Rainbow For Girls. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bertsch.

25 years

October 22, 1997

PIQUA-Dr. Kenneth A. Yowell, president of Edison Community College, will chair a panel of speakers at Friday’s statewide conference at the Ohio Association of Two-Year Colleges.

The main speaker of the conference is Dr. Steve Eskow, President of the Electronic University Network, based in both San Francisco and Orlando.


MINSTER — Students in Peg Brunswick’s economics class will travel to Chicago on Thursday to see firsthand how the stock market works.

The group will spend Thursday looking at the three different stock markets at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.


WASHINGTON — The Clinton administration wants Congress to approve a new gold-colored dollar coin before it is forced to mint more of the unpopular Susan B. Anthony dollars.

The Anthony coins, which critics say look and feel like quarters, have not been made since 1981. But inventory has dwindled to 133 million, which is only enough for 30 months, using the current usage rate of metropolitan transit agencies and the US Postal Service.

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