Peregrine Transport expands its fleet and establishes a business in a larger location

Dallas, Texas — (Newsfile Corp. – October 27, 2022) — Peregrine Transport, a Texas-based trucking company, has moved into a larger lot to house its expanded fleet of trucks. The company provides work for Class A CDL drivers and even helps truckers take action to build their own fleet and run their own operations.

Peregrine Transports offers lucrative ride and stock-based opportunities for Class A CDL drivers. With the shipping industry booming over the last decade, it’s easy to find a way to create opportunities in the industry by gaining benefits and a fleet with Peregrine owns.

About migratory transport

Peregrine Transports offers both driving and investing opportunities for Class A CDL drivers. Peregrine provides drivers with the resources and support to succeed through investing in the trucking industry. After 2 years as a driver, Peregrine will help build a fleet of drivers.

With a comprehensive team, Peregrine Transports is excited to offer CDL drivers groundbreaking opportunities with its drive-to-own model. As demand for the freight industry continues to grow, the team is passing these opportunities on to the driver. Peregrine Transports offers constant pay in the short and long term.

Investments through migratory transport

Peregrine’s investment partners always have a hands-free experience, letting the company take care of everything. Peregrine Transports finds the driver, manages the routes and even does maintenance. Partners can also expand their fleet with Peregrine and still manage all operations. With 38 investment partners, 72 certified drivers and 22 million miles driven, Peregrine has maintained operations well enough to continue to attract investment interest.

An expanded fleet

Peregrine has recently expanded its fleet to over 65 tractor units, all capable of hauling trailer loads for a wide variety of products and brands. With an expanded fleet, Peregrine Transports recently relocated to a new location in Dallas to accommodate its expansion.

Kyle Moffitt, Founder and CEO of Peregrine Transport, focuses on success as a constant movement, an active reward to actively strive for every day. “Success is healthy progress toward worthy goals while adding value to the world,” says Kyle.

With a unique approach that offers Class A CDL drivers non-driving opportunities, Peregrine Transport strives to leverage the financial freedom it offers its drivers, allowing them to build momentum and channel that energy towards appropriate investments to steer.

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