Perth start-up Harvest Technology Group’s $5M R&D investment is yielding results

After investing almost $5 million in research and development last fiscal year, Perth-based start-up Harvest Technology Group (ASX:HTG) announced at its annual general meeting that it was developing its next product, a cloud-based Platform, code, ahead of schedule – named “NS2”.

Group Chief Executive Officer Paul Guilfoyle said NS2 represents an evolution of Harvest’s proprietary Nodestream™ protocol, which he describes as the “engine” of their technology.

“Nodestream™ offers a range of hardware and software interface options to transmit data point-to-point and point-to-web – for example from a vessel in remote waters to an operations center in a capital city – the next development will lift that Technology to the cloud and offer users a much richer collaboration ecosystem,” said Guilfoyle

“At the application level, users can log in anywhere, on any device, anytime, and participate in workflows previously limited to centralized operations centers.”

“This translates into increased operational efficiencies, faster response times and a further reduction in carbon footprint.”

The technology will enter beta as part of the product’s go-to-market process in the first half of 2023.

“In essence, NS2 will integrate our Nodestream™ engine into an ecosystem that delivers synchronous data, audio, voice and video anywhere, anytime, while combining all the capabilities available in cloud environments, such as artificial intelligence and scalable data storage,” said Guilfoyle

“As BYOD (bring your own device) becomes more popular with today’s workforce, NS2-enabled devices ensure users can connect from home or anywhere in the world using a laptop or personal device, regardless of location. “

“By combining communication channels such as voice, video and chat, NS2 provides a unifying solution that will revolutionize the future of the remote business landscape and solve problems we previously thought unsolvable,” he said

The NS2 technology is the only one of its kind in the world and can merge with dominant multi-site enterprise platforms including:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • WebEx by Cisco
  • zoom

“In suburbs and cities, we take it for granted that we can easily connect with colleagues and run multiple applications from handheld devices or laptops, but it becomes difficult when you’re in remote bodies of water, underwater, in the air or out in sailing the desert, not to mention failures due to climate crises, energy problems or geopolitical conflicts,” says Guilfoyle

The NS2 innovation team in Perth, made up of fewer than 20 in-house developers and engineers, has achieved what many thought impossible: getting NS2 ready for release ahead of time.

In addition to investing $5 million in research and development, Harvest has invested $1 million to create an innovation center at Perth’s Technology Park.

The technology is also capable of working with artificial intelligence that can trigger security alerts and notifications, as well as connecting to wearable devices to allow subject matter experts to provide instant guidance and make mission-critical decisions in real time, without requiring personnel to travel to remote locations regions.

Guilfoyle says this will prevent costly disruptions or delays to work schedules. For example, ocean vessel delays can cost up to $250,000 per day.

“In addition to introducing operational efficiencies without requiring subject matter experts to be flown in to resolve or address issues, NS2 plays a major role in carbon footprint reduction, resource sourcing, diversity and well-being benefits due to the limited travel needs of remote communities areas.”

“It allows more parents or people with disabilities to participate in their chosen profession,” says Guilfoyle

The current Infinity core product suite is used by various customers across different sectors including marine, energy, mining and defense and is promoted and resold through multiple partners including Inmarsat, Speedlink and Marlink, some of the world’s largest satellite companies.

Harvest believes this latest product iteration will improve the company’s scalability in the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market.

According to Grand View Research, Unified Communications Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report for 2021 to 2028 (Report ID 978), the market is expected to reach $344.84 billion by 2028, from $93.25 billion in 2021 a CAGR of 20.5% -1-68038-164-1)


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