Pharr leads regeneration projects in McAdenville

MCADENVILLE, NC — Each December, McAdenville transforms into Christmastown USA.

People travel from all over to see it.

what you need to know

  • Many updates are coming to McAdenville
  • Pharr, a company from his hometown, spearheads many regeneration projects
  • The Dynamo 31 building recently opened

And now it’s turning into a year-round travel destination.

Pharr, a company from his hometown, has led a number of regeneration projects.

Recently opened the Dynamo 31 building, the former Pharr Yarns factory from the 1940’s.

It has been converted into office space and one of the first tenants is the Catawba Riverkeeper.

The company says it is also renovating the historic riverfront mill building in the center of town, which it hopes to transform into a food, beverage, retail and entertainment space.

Christy Gliddon, Pharr’s executive vice president of human resources, says the company wants to continue building a sense of community with all of these renovations.

“Everyone in the community wants to continue that belief and so we’re creating new places for people to gather, lots of new families of all ages are moving into town, so it’s very exciting to open up some things now,” Gliddon said.

Elsewhere downtown, a few new businesses are opening, including a coffee shop and ice cream shop.

The Modest Market, a flower shop, has recently opened. Owner and floral designer Heather Sandwall is excited to open a shop while renovations take place across town.

“It was adorable at first, and then when I heard about all the growth that’s to come, I think it’s perfect,” she said. “And I, honestly, just to see how many people start walking up and down Main Street, it’s so exciting,” she said.

Other businesses in the area say they are seeing many more people downtown who are under development.

Ron Davis, co-owner of Revolver Records, opened a store last November.

He says he not only sees new customers, but also returning customers.

“A lot of returns once they know you’re here and that there’s more to do in the area,” Davis said.

In the Terra Mia restaurant, manager Michelle Weresow sees a difference compared to three years ago.

“When they opened, I joined the team here in December 2019, before COVID, so the area along Main Street has grown with a lot of new storefronts that weren’t here when we were here,” Weresow said. “So that first year at Christmas time we were the only place that was open, aside from the bakery next door.”

The lake is undergoing a relandscape and grading will soon begin on the McAdenville Extension of the Carolina Thread Trail.


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