Pioneering global media executive Géraldine Pamphile has been appointed as Lamina1’s Chief Business Development Officer

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lamina1, a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the Open Metaverse, welcomes Géraldine Pamphile, Head of Business Technology and New Media, as Chief Business Development Officer. With extensive experience creating innovative fan experiences at the intersection of technology, culture, entertainment and new media — including at a multi-billion dollar National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise, LIVENow by Aser Ventures and mixed reality market leader Magic Leap –– Pamphile will now lead partnerships and global business development for Lamina1.

Lamina1 was founded earlier this year by Neal Stephenson, a renowned futurist and science fiction author who originally coined the term “Metaverse” in his 1992 novel snow crash — and cryptocurrency pioneer Peter Vessenes, founder of the first VC-backed Bitcoin company. In her new role as CBO at Lamina1, Pamphile will use her background in growth strategy, sales and global partnerships to help the company build its burgeoning Metaverse business – specifically through her expertise in the Asian market, where she previously helped grow the NBA’s fan base and corporate partnerships with premium portfolio brands and media giants.

“Harnessing technological innovation to open up new ways for consumers to meaningfully engage with their favorite brands and creators has been a driving force throughout my career, and exploring these possibilities within an open metaverse represents an exciting opportunity,” said pamphlets. “There is so much potential to reinvent the user experience and enhance it through immersive technologies, and joining forces with the Metaverse, AR/VR, creative and business pioneers at Lamina1 provides a powerful launch pad to make that happen.”

Pamphile is the latest high-profile addition to Lamina1’s growing leadership team, along with immersive technology leader (and fellow Magic Leap alumnus), Rebecca Barkin, as President; Metaverse pioneer and former head of AR/VR at Unity, Tony Parisi, as Chief Product Officer; and former EA and Google executive Jamil Moledina as vice president of Games Partnerships & Media. Having worked on a global scale with some of the most valuable IP portfolios and consumer brands, Lamina1’s leadership made Pamphile a natural choice for the CBO role.

“Geraldine brings a rare, highly desirable combination of experience driving partnerships at the intersections of entertainment, gaming and emerging technology. The strength and breadth of her network, her strategic vision and her negotiating skills make her a real force and a fantastic partner,” said Rebecca Barkin, President of Lamina1. “I have had the pleasure of working with Geraldine in the past to forge groundbreaking partnerships and I am thrilled that she has chosen to join us at Lamina1.”

Prior to her work in the NBA and Magic Leap, Pamphile was a founding member of music and culture media publisher TRACE, a group of media companies dedicated to urban music and culture and initially backed by Goldman Sachs – where she spearheaded international business growth and expanded the channel to over 110 countries. She comes to Lamina1 from her last position as CEO of LIVENow from Aser Ventures, a marketing, sales and monetization platform for creators and content owners.

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About lamina1

Lamina1 is a Layer1 blockchain optimized for the Open Metaverse. Lamina1 is the brainchild of legendary futurist Neal Stephenson (who first conceived of the term “metaverse” in his best-selling 1992 novel Snow Crash) and Peter Vessenes, a fundamental leader in the crypto space from the early days of Bitcoin – Lamina1 is his own made to deliver the blockchain technology, collaborative tools, and decentralized services that will establish it as the preferred destination for developers building a more immersive internet. It is the world’s first proven carbon negative blockchain.


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