Pixellot presents AI revolution in Indian sports market

Pixellot, specialist in AI automated sports productions, hosts an exclusive event in New Delhi to show how AI influences Indian sport

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pixellot, the global leader in AI automated sports production solutions, will host an exclusive SportsTech event on November 9th at Leela Palace, New Delhiwhich focuses on the AI ​​sports revolution penetrating the Indian sports market.

The AI ​​revolution in sports‘ includes presentations from Pixellot’s CEO and executive team on automated sports production and data extraction, as well as analysis and lectures from CKM Dhananjai, Data Performance Manager at Mumbai Indians and former Data Coach for the India National Cricket Team, and Sidhhant Agarwal, Founder of SportVot, a leading Sports technology startup based in India.

Attendees can watch a live demo of Pixellot, the AI-automated video and data solution, and network with leaders from the local cricket, soccer and field hockey communities, with the guest list including directors from sports associations, national and state associations and leagues , cricket, football and hockey academies and cricket ground owners – as well as the Department of Sport and local officials.

“We look forward to demonstrating how AI technology can engage Indian sports fans through low-cost, professional-quality live video and analysis,” he said Alon Werber, CEO at Pixellot. “Pixellot works with local associations, teams and companies around the world to support the democratization of sports production. We are delighted that the Indian sports market is leveraging our fully automated video, highlights and analysis workflow to bring more games and data to fans, families, coaches and scouts.”

With a booming sports industry India, Pixellot is ready to empower a variety of stakeholders, including associations, private operators, data companies, production companies, clubs and teams. The results are tremendous, both in terms of sporting development and cost-effective engagement at all levels, as well as help with talent finding, recruitment and coaching.

“Pixellot has a long history of transforming every market it enters with its affordable AI automated sports production solutions, and their technology is poised to have a huge impact on the Indian sports market,” said CKM Dhananjai, one of the guest speakers the event. “Pixellot cameras offer high-quality video transmission and let practically everyone in India to enjoy the excitement of sport at every level.”

“Pixellot’s versatility across different sports is a great added value,” said Sidhhant Agarwal, who will be giving a presentation on sports graphics automation. “Serving mainstream sports like cricket, soccer and field hockey, the AI-enabled production systems enable third-party companies like ours to enhance the viewing experience and engage fans for longer. This event will introduce a different perspective on how innovative technologies can impact sports India.”

Pixellot’s unparalleled expertise in providing cost-effective, professional coverage for a range of different sports has made it the solution of choice for thousands of grassroots and professional sports leagues and teams worldwide.

The company’s award-winning AI automated technology can be found in every corner of the world today, supporting up to 150,000 live streams per month.

About Pixellot

Founded in 2013, Pixellot is the world’s largest producer of live sports content. Pixellot pioneered the concept of automated sports production solutions as an affordable alternative to traditional video capture, production and distribution systems for professional and semi-professional sporting events. In 2019, Pixellot acquired VidSwap, a leading sports analytics platform serving thousands of teams. Today, Pixellot’s AI-automated technology solutions streamline the production flow by fully automating the live sports ingestion, distribution, analysis and monetization of over 150,000 games per month from over 70 countries around the world.

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