Post Malone ‘official’ local fans’ wedding after Seattle concert | entertainment

Randee Metayer is used to her fiancee Jana Schuster having wild ideas. When Schuster suggested hosting a wedding ceremony at the Post Malone show on Nov. 5 at the Climate Pledge Arena, she just went along with it.

It didn’t quite go as Seattle residents had planned, but in the end, Schuster and Metayer found themselves on stage with Post Malone, who performed an impromptu unofficial ceremony that went viral on TikTok and from TMZ thanks to influencer Heidi Lavon was reported , a friend of the couple. Malone can be heard asking each woman if she considers the other her “legally married partner” before giving them permission to kiss to cheers from the crowd.

“We could have been in a broom closet and it would have been just as epic,” said Schuster, 39. “No videos, no photos, just a cool experience. But it was nerve wracking because there were so many people. We’ll be in a wheelchair when we’re 90 and still going, ‘Hey, grandkids, remember that Post Malone guy?’ “

The idea of ​​taking the stage with Post Malone came about while the pair were speaking with Seattle Kraken President and CEO Tod Leiweke, with whom Schuster, a vice president of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, was at one a few years ago flight was friends. While watching a Kraken game together, Leiweke joked that the couple, who are already planning an unofficial wedding ceremony in Mexico in March 2023, should conduct the civil ceremony at the Climate Pledge Arena.

While plans for a civil ceremony at the Post Malone show fell through when they couldn’t find a judge, Schuster remained convinced they would perform with Post Malone, even urging Metayer, a project manager at Midmountain Contractors in Bellevue, to sign up wear whatever she wanted to wear to be seen on stage.

Schuster spent two hours holding a sign that read, “Be our judge and marry us!” and sneaked it into the pit, where she said security was watching for signs. After evading the watchful eye of security, Schuster finally got her chance at the end of the show.

“The show ends and he stayed there for a few more minutes just to sign autographs,” Schuster said. “He ended up autographing Randee’s (Cowboys) jersey, as intended. Then I just gave him the sign and as he puffed on a cigarette he opened it and said, ‘Come on up. Send these two girls up.’ “

While Schuster said she was perfectly comfortable on stage, Metayer was busy sharing a moment alongside her favorite artist.

“I absolutely loved it,” said Metayer, 36. “He was so patient with me while my brain was exploding. He just said, ‘Take your time’ and dragged on a cigarette. He was just so cool.”

The couple isn’t done manifesting yet. Schuster said one of her dreams is to play a game of beer pong with Post Malone. It’s something that seems oddly within reach these days, so Schuster took advantage of the couple’s viral moment to challenge him to a game at their wedding reception in Mexico.

“How cool would it be if we could take him to Mexico?” Schuster said, adding that the couple has not yet scheduled their official civil wedding, but that it would take place ahead of their March 3 celebration in Mexico. “[Lavon] put the video together and is asking everyone to comment and bring Post Malone to Mexico. It’s a new manifestation.”


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