Pursuit Technology named in Talented Learning’s Top 20 “All Purpose” Learning Systems list

This is the second year in a row that Pursuit Technology has made the Talented Learning top lists.

Acorn, Pursuit Technology’s learning management system, has been no stranger to giving out recognition over the past few years, and the month of September was no exception. Pursuit is proud to announce that Acorn has been named to Talented Learning’s Top 20 “All Purpose” Learning Systems list. Talented Learning spends significant time each year researching and recognizing the learning system winners for these lists.

Talented Learning is a fully independent research, consulting and education firm dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes select and leverage LMS solutions and related technologies for their unique business needs. The “All Purpose” list effectively includes vendors seeking to maximize their total addressable market.

Talented Learning is led by John Leh, a world-renowned blogger, podcaster, speaker and learning technology consultant. John has over 25 years of frontline experience in buying and selling LMS. Since 2014, he has reviewed over 400 technical learning solutions and enabled hundreds of world-class organizations to find and buy their best LMS.

“The Acorn LMS has earned a spot on our top 20 global price list for all-purpose learning systems,” said John Leh. “As the fastest growing learning system in Australia, the Acorn LMS solution combines a 100% customer retention rate with highly innovative feature sets such as online content creation, personalized learning, performance and skills management, multi-tenancy and no-code integrations, making it an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes size, including government agencies.”

Pursuit has worked hard to make Acorn a system that both meets basic organizational needs in an intuitive way, while also innovating to stand out from the crowd with its feature framework and mapping capabilities.

“We are delighted that the hard work of the team is being recognized in this way. We work hard to break new ground and innovate in the industry and we see our approach paying off tremendously,” said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director of Pursuit Technology).

The full list of award winners can be found on the Talented Learning website here.

tracking technology is one of Australia’s fastest growing HR technology companies. Pursuit takes a different approach to strategically enabling HR and L&D teams through Acorn LMS than traditional vendors. Rather than focusing on post-learning analytics, their products use pre-learning workforce planning and skills frameworks. By linking to an organization’s strategy, Pursuit products can flag gaps in the organization’s capabilities and suggest training, deliver that training, and then measure the impact – thereby demonstrating the business impact in a quantifiable way by the HR and L&D team .


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