Qingdao will build an international and innovative city and continue to invest in development guided by scientific and technological innovation

QINGDAO, China–(BUSINESS WIRE). Chain and talent chain, and continue to improve the function of the source of scientific and technological innovation. In the future, Qingdao will strive to build a marine science city with global influence, an intelligent manufacturing innovation city with international competitiveness, a nationally significant city of future industries, and a nationally renowned science and technology innovation corridor in the Bay Area. Qingdao’s average annual growth of R&D investment in the whole society will be more than 10%, the R&D investment intensity will reach more than 3.2%, there will be more than 10,000 national high-tech enterprises, the output value of the High-tech industries will account for 65% of the industrial output value of enterprises over the specified scale, and the total number of talents will exceed 3 million by 2026.

With the support of science and technology, Qingdao has grasped the opportunities of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, laying a more solid foundation for building an international innovative city. In the past decade, Qingdao’s relevant indicators have experienced a remarkable boom: the number of high-tech enterprises has increased from 538 in 2012 to 5,554 in 2021, an increase of 9.3 times; technology contract revenue rose to 32.01 billion yuan from 2.54 billion yuan, an 11.6-fold increase; The output value of high-tech industries above the indicated scale rose from 39.7% to 60.5%, an increase of 20.8 percentage points, and the R&D expenditure of the whole society is 16.43 billion yuan a year Increased to 30.09 billion yuan in 2011 in 2020. Qingdao has frequently been ranked below the “first tier” in the national and even global scientific and technological strength evaluation lists, stabilizing its status as one of the top ten scientific and technological innovation cities in China and provided better evidence of Qingdao’s “innovation” and “internationalization”.

Guided by innovation, Qingdao is deepening its innovation-driven development strategy, insisting on putting innovation at the heart of the overall situation of modernization, and its urban innovation level has been rising steadily. Basic research is the supreme logic of the science system that fundamentally determines “how high we jump” and “how far we run” in terms of scientific and technological innovation. Qingdao has 29 universities, more than 30 Qingdao-based research institutes or institutions of colleges and universities, and 9 national key laboratories, which provide a solid foundation for basic research.


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