Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough. Agent a chapter 1 walkthrough or solution. Agent a chapter 3 walkthrough or solution.

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Time to unlock the box. Before the receptionist, the game places a table. Move the painting above the fire and solve the discs puzzle, you have to line up the dots to 9:00 pm:

To Complete This Puzzle, You Need To Light The Squares In The Same Order They Appear When Shown To You.

All information related to secret agent walkthrough is displayed here. Look at the fish tank to see a key in the water. Agent a, your new mission is in from headquarters.

An Enemy Spy Known As Ruby La Rouge Has Been Targeting Our Secret Agents.

A puzzle in disguise by: Bilingual realtors near me realtor hispanos near me. Secret agent walkthrough chapter 5.

Chapter 5 Starts With Falcon Agent And Sis Chief Who Are About To Breach The Security To Access The Sensitive Area For Clues And Hidden Objects.

You have to tap on the table to discover a. The first section focuses on emma and jacob and their task to find. Agent a chapter 3 walkthrough or solution

Take The Small Key And Wedge Piece.

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Pick The Gold Key (Move The Potted Plant) And Use It With The Panel (Left Of The Door), Then Press The Buttons In This Order 1St:

This will reveal a chess board and a light puzzle. With just one click you can see the entire article information. Now move the magnet to guide the key around the maze and to the filtration system on the right.

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