Breathedge Lead Paint Guide

Breathedge Lead Paint Guide. Once you have picked up lead, paint or lead paint. I depleted already the tanks in the paint area and crafted lead paint with it.

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Increase max oxygen, craft an oxigen station and 2 oxygen candles will also help. Examine the smuggler's body (1) and take the eye. Bring it to point no.

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Consult your common sense before using it. 1 unit can be found heading out from starting shuttle to 10 o'clock and 45 degrees down. Lead the deposits are silver blocks. We tell you how to go through all the chapters of the game.

Take The Oxygen Candles With You.

Once you have picked up lead, paint or lead paint. Can be collected floating in space or extracted. Examine the smuggler's body (1) and take the eye.

Ok So I Got To The Paint Ship But Out Side The Safe I Have No Idea How To Get More Lead Or Paint To Make Led Paint.

Use the grabber to collect the glass to avoid cutting yourself, use oxygen when required and return back to safety when you have enough glass for your crafting requirements. You will need a extra air supply, such as an oxygen station. Inspect the painting on the wall.

One Such Area Can Be Found To The Left Of The Starting Shuttle (Around 10'O'clock).

This one is located next to the section where there are like 3 or 4 huge mayonnaise like substance bubbles among a huge white debris where you need to spin and unclamp. Head straight out of the first. Inside, you will find lead paint and you will obtain a new resource blueprint as soon as you collect it.

(1), Where The Smuggler's Body Can Be Found.

(2), where you will be able to use it to open a safe. Then this guide will help you. Just use the drill to chip away the aluminum to.

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