Gunfire Reborn Weapon Tier List

Gunfire Reborn Weapon Tier List. Arbitrarily ranking weapons in a game where you can make everything work if you try hard enough. 6 rifles, 6 submachine guns, 9 pistols, 6 shotguns, 8 snipers, 6 launchers, 4 injectors and 3 melee weapons.

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This is such a weird game to have a tier list on. Not great against every boss. Below is the list of weapons sorted into their tiers.

Weapons Are Acquired By Defeating Enemies, Completing Vault, Using Peculiar Chests, Or Buying Them From A Peddler.

This was the tier list of the weapons in gunfire reborn. There are currently 48 different weapons in gunfire reborn. The weapon you use in gunfire reborn varies depending on the one you find and what character you play.

Not Great Against Every Boss.

Dmg = 325 | crit mult = na | fire rate = 1,56 rps piercing flame: You will also learn how to get each weapon listed below. If you are new to this game and looking for powerful weapon or characters, check out tier list now.

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Last updated on 30 april, 2022. Each weapon type has its own set of attributes factoring into its damage. Gunfire reborn tier tier 2022:

Lei Luo, Ao Bai, Qing Yan;

Now, with all that out of the. In multiplayer, a new weapon drop is visible only to the player it appeared for; With that said, we did our best to put together an accurate tier list that gives players (especially new players), a good idea about the current state of the game.

Below Is The List Of Weapons Sorted Into Their Tiers From S To F Tiers.

Below is the list of weapons sorted into their tiers. Engelsaura, aura des giftes, goldener bogen, hölle, eisspeer, blitzschlag, durchdringende flamme, prisma, regenbogenbogen, sengende runden, kreischer, schlagflügel, sunder und der gewittersturm. Crimson firescale and bloody drill are probably the strongest overall weapons right now, as they work in many different builds and on at least 3 characters.

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