Pubg Mobile Weapons Guide List Stats

Pubg Mobile Weapons Guide List Stats. Info for pubg version — generated 2022/04/13. This pubg mobile weapon stats chart included damage chart, range, recoil, and fire rate of all the weapons that have listed in the game.

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Introduction pubg assault rifles list pubg designated marksman rifles list pubg submachine guns. Assault rifles are considered to be the most versatile weapon in pubg mobile. Crossbow requires precise aiming and should be used as an “assassination” weapon.

So You Can Play In The First Person Perspective On Test Servers Pubg:

Making a pubg weapons tier list or best weapons guide is perhaps the most difficult thing these days because, unlike its. One thing that a lot of players need to do with the r1895 more is to utilize the fact that it. Most websites recorded their data via.

The R1895 Is A Sidearm That Has Extremely High Upside But It Can Be Very Difficult To Use.

Time to kill * burst mode. Introduction pubg assault rifles list pubg designated marksman rifles list pubg submachine guns. These values are estimated by doing an experiment in the private.

This Weapon Is Used By Many Armies Of The World.

However, it is also a very difficult weapon to use: Currently, the game features a total of ten assault rifles, and here’s a list of the same. Don’t forget to top up your uc for pubg mobile only on codashop.

Among The Few Weapons Under This Category, The Mg3 Is The Best In Class.

It may be a heavy weapon, but it can get the job done. The weapon stats data is not official since pubg mobile only has their gun statistic in power bar. Since bluehole doesn't release the official weapon values of guns, no website has 100% accurate statistics for weapons.

The Following Are The Known Statistics For All The Weapons In Playeruknown's Battlegrounds.

The bizon and tommy gun (thompson) are great options as they offer a long clip once you hook up an extended mag. The weapons in this category are more powerful in terms of damage output and deal with a higher fire rate. The m416 offers a decent amount of damage at short and middle ranges.

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