Stormworks Console Commands Admin

Stormworks Console Commands Admin. Teleport vehicles to your current location. Equip players with specific equipment.

How to Use Console/Admin Commands in Project Zomboid — Set Ready Game from

Authorize the player specified by. Teleport vehicles to your current location. Teleport to coordinates, named locations, and players or teleport them to you.

Remove Administrator Rights From The Player Specified By.

Pressing the enter key on your keyboard will open the chat where these commands can be entered. Teleport vehicles to your current location. Build and rescue | admin commands.

You Can Ban A Player Using The Name, Id Or #Player.

Looking for a game server host known for brilliant 24/7 customer support and quality.</p> Ban player command that also allows unbanning. #kick [nickname, id or #player]:

View And Manage Vehicles In The World.

There are not cheats if it is what you are asking for, but there are some console commads for admins, check them here: Deauthorize the player specified by. Player id can be found using the in game player list, which is accessed by holding the tilde key on your keyboard.

Equip Players With Specific Equipment.

Set starting equipment for all players. You can kick a player using the. Here is a list of some of the features:

Log In As An Administrator.

It will shut down the server. To reload the server configuration file. #exec ban [nickname, id or #player]:

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