Summertime Saga Consuela Route Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Consuela Route Walkthrough. Ms johnson & june’s route Your awakening in the beachhouse is.

Summertime Saga v0.19.5 Consuela walkthrough YouTube from

Ms johnson & june’s route 2nd go to the school with consuela. But her dedication to the house cleanup extends now to its occupant.

Allow 1 Week To Pass.

Allow 1 week to pass. Go to mayor rump’s mansion in the afternoon (requires charisma = 7), follow the servant, after some scenes hide under the bed and finally have an encounter. Go downstairs and find debbie talking on the phone, she has money problems;

Summertime Saga Content Benefits From Easy‐To‐Follow Walkthroughs.

A library subscription and also a working computer; Buy the beach house and meet consuela there on thursday afternoon, meet her again next thusday afternoon; June’s ending is an optional or alternative ending from mrs johnson’s route.

2Nd Go To The School With Consuela.

Dexterity 5 and also charisma 5; It features the backstory of the main character and the protagonists of the game. Your awakening in the beachhouse is.

Charisma 5 And Also $150.

Guys today we are going to do the consuela full walkthrough 🔥 summertime saga 0.20.8 update 🔥 consuela summertime guideso watch the. The prologue is a quick and compulsory introduction to the gameplay on the first day; Next day, in the afternoon, consuela is already at work, singing and waddling the bottom in the kitchen.

Next Day Go Downstairs And Debbie Will Ask You For Help (Lawn).

3rd and final choice = hospital, now consuela has a job. Wait one day and talk to him again. Ms johnson & june’s route

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