Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions All Puzzles

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions All Puzzles. To solve the heart puzzle, all we need is to find the complete set of left and right parts of the heart. Go down elevator and block the door with the trolley, retrieve the thread bolt and go back.

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Lastly, turn the dial to the left four times to reach. How to solve the tv puzzle in tormented souls. Here you can find a complete tormented souls walkthrough with all puzzles, key items, inventory items, collectibles, and trophies.

Below We Have Detailed All The Puzzles With Their Solutions In The Game.

You’ll need the hammer from the 2c room and the parchment from the 2d room’s guillotine to solve this puzzle. An extra clue for each one would have been nice, thats for sure. How to solve the tv puzzle in tormented souls.

This Walkthrough Shows The Best Route Through The Game, Which Also Comes In Handy When You Do A Speedrun.

Tormented souls all puzzle solutions padlock code. This guide is a work in progress. In order to do this puzzle you will first need three pipe caps, found in bunker 1a, bunker 2a and bunker 3b.

A Candle Will Light On The Chandelier Above To Confirm You’ve Gotten Chosen The Correct Door.

By grayshadow, posted 27 aug 2021. Once you get into the generator room, you will need to activate the. Before interacting with the skeleton, make sure you read the message carefully because that is from where you will get the solution.

This Guide Will Show How To Complete All The Puzzles Quickly, Which Can Prove Helpful When Doing The Speedrun, Or Simply For Reference On A First Playthrough.

Set the combination to 1235. First of all, examine your gas canister and open the lid, then interact with the pump to place the canister down. All but one of these puzzles are necessary to complete the game.

You’ll Find A Judge Block In The Same Chamber, And You’ll Need To Change The Forms In The Correct Order.

Grab it and head back to the panel. 0 seconds of 1 minute, 25 secondsvolume 0%. The lines are as follows:

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