Triangle Strategy Golden Route Guide

Triangle Strategy Golden Route Guide. We’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum. Go out of the elder's house and speak to benedict.

Triangle Strategy true ending How to unlock the golden route iMore from

Don't influence the votes, just go. Just go with what is natural at the start. Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.

We’ll Try To Keep The Spoilers To A Minimum.

Here are the requirements for triangle strategy's true ending: Going through the golden route is needed in triangle strategy in order to get the true ending of the game so follow this guide to learn more. Three of them depend on serenoa's alignment, which you influence throughout the game.

In Chapter 11, Defend The Roselle.

In chapter nine, choose to deliver the goods. Due to the nature of the guide, this means there will be spoilers! I wish i had known i needed 3 parties all leveled, i spent a day and a half getting my units to level and farming $200kish for upgrades.

You Have Fulfilled This Requirement.

My only advice is that for ch 15, don't go home to see lord. During the exploration of rosellan village after, talk to benedict. So i think every character has a unique quote for hitting demigod idore.

There Are Multiple Branching Storylines In Triangle Strategy, And Your Experience Can Change Depending On The Choices You Make Throughout The Game.

How to get triangle strategy’s golden route. Quick guide reviewing how to gain access to all 30 playable characters in triangle strategy. Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.

Ign's Project Triangle Strategy Complete Strategy Guide Includes The Hidden True Ending In Triangle Strategy, In Addition To The Main Three Endings Located On Our Endings Page For Triangle Strategy.

I walk a path unclouded by doubt. How to get the best ending in triangle strategy. Enter the elder's house once more an examine the area where the elder used to be to find the pink rock.

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