Quore celebrates 10 years of helping hotels leverage technology, create efficiencies and operationalize accountability

FRANKLIN, Tennessee–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quore, the leading provider of workflow management and productivity tools for hotels, celebrated its 10th anniversaryth anniversary and reached the milestone of 5,600 served hotels. What began with a hotel in Franklin, Tennessee has now expanded to include hotel properties in all 50 states and 35 countries, from smaller independent hotels to resorts and large estates. Quore’s success over the past decade is based on its ability to provide specialized, cloud-based services, applications and programs to help clients lead business operations through times of growth and adversity. This includes limiting risk, increasing accountability and ensuring internal teams are focused on delivering the best possible guest experience.

“The last decade has been one of incredible growth, challenges and newfound opportunities to transform the way the hospitality industry manages internal processes to move forward,” said Scott Schaedle, founder and CEO of Quore. “The Quore value proposition has helped us grow, survive and thrive, and achieve a milestone that is incredibly difficult for small businesses to achieve. We are grateful for the trust our hotel partners place in their relationship with our company and our team, and we look forward to where we are going in the next decade.”

When Quore launched in 2012, technology adoption was sluggish, particularly in the hospitality industry, which still largely communicated using two-way radios and manually tracked requests and work orders with sticky notes. This resulted in operationally inefficient processes that often increased the workload for internal teams. Quore was able to demonstrate that its technology enabled better communication between hotel staff and guests, eliminating the possibility of error and allowing staff to go about their daily tasks more smoothly. Ten years later, Quore has been instrumental in transforming the hospitality industry from tech-savvy to tech-savvy.

Mike Trott, vice president of engineering at Crestline Hotels & Resorts, oversees more than 120 multi-brand, multi-owner hotels. He credits Quore with consistently delivering superior service across the portfolio, achieving high standards and reporting. He says, “Because Quore is fully customizable to meet our specific needs and operational goals, it’s useful at every step, from technical foundations to near-total operational support across multiple departments. Having Quore as a partner has streamlined the engineering standard for our portfolio and allowed us to increase productivity in the department by 300%. Quore is the partner we needed and they continue to add value as we look at how we are progressing.”

Kevin DeMark, Senior National Director of Facilities at OTO Development Hotels, has been using Quore’s platform for nearly a decade and adds: “Before Quore, our hotels used pen and paper to track preventive maintenance tasks and compliance was relegated to a binder . Today and for the past 9 years, OTO Development Hotels have partnered with Quore through a system that touches all aspects of our hotel team’s communication, incident follow-up, lost and found, complaints and capital requirements. Quore and her team are with us every step of the way and make this a great partnership. We look forward to the next 10 years and beyond.”

Quore enables its clients to increase efficiency across a hotel team, communicate directions, make workflow changes, track responsibilities and validate achievements. The company’s ability to help its clients respond to changing industry dynamics, capitalize on opportunities and address challenges in real-time has been critical to achieving its 10thth Anniversary. Quore enables seamless communication for internal staff, easy reporting and task assignment, and the flexibility to adapt to situations that may arise during a guest’s stay. This has proven invaluable to hotel management teams as they seek to reduce the time it takes to onboard and train new hires and ensure resources are optimally allocated. At the heart of Quore’s success is its team and customers, who have been an integral part of the journey.

Quore’s 10th anniversary celebrations will continue into 2023 and we’d love for you to join us! For more information, see: 10 Year Celebration Subscribe (quore.com).

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Quore is an award-winning, cloud-based hotel operations solution that helps hotels of all sizes be more efficient and improve the guest experience. Founded in 2012, Quore manages all aspects of the guest experience, including preventative maintenance, guest inquiries and complaints, work orders, housekeeping, and staff/shift communications. Quore’s software is used by more than 5,600 hotels, including hotels from the industry’s biggest brands such as IHG, Marriott, Hilton and Choice. The Tennessee-based company is privately held and has been named one of America’s Best Places to Work for Startups by Forbes.


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