Raiders News: What To Do With Josh Jacobs’ Future?

Josh Jacobs’ future is one of the most intriguing situations in the NFL.

At the start of the season, it seemed almost certain that Jacobs would be entering his final season with the Las Vegas Raiders. After all, the team turned down its fifth-year option for 2023 in the spring and drafted two running backs in the April draft. And remember the uproar when Jacobs played the Hall of Fame game on August 4th? There was talk of a running back committee.

Yet Jacobs changed that narrative with an incredible start to the season. Jacobs is a nominee for NFL Offensive Player of the Year. Jacobs is third in the NFL in rushing yards with 633 and has rushed for more than 140 yards in the past three games. It’s the first time a Raiders running back has done it.

Jacobs’ success and his importance to the team naturally raised the question: what will the Raiders do for his future?

The team put themselves in an interesting situation by declining the option and then seeing it explode. It was understandable at the time that the Raiders didn’t give Jacobs an option. Running backs aren’t that valued these days.

But the Raiders may now consider giving him a contract extension, as suggested by NFL reporter Josina Anderson.

However, with the team having so much future contract money on offense, giving a running back a big deal might not be easy for the Raiders.

Here are the possible outcomes for Jacobs:

  • The Raiders can extend it at any time.
  • The Raiders can trade Jacobs before the Nov. 1 trading deadline.
  • The Raiders may give him the franchise tag next offseason.
  • Jacobs can meet a free hand next March.

If the Raiders lose at the New Orleans Saints on Sunday and drop to 2-5, they might consider treating Jacobs. But that might not be a likely scenario. A franchise tag seems unlikely as it would cost about $3 million more than the fifth-year option.

Unless the Raiders offer an extension he can’t refuse, Jacobs’ best play might be to go to free agency and see what his market is, and he might be tempted to do so since the team has done so has by not giving him the extension option in the fifth year. Hitting the free hand doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll leave Las Vegas, though.

No matter what, Jacob’s strong season has added great intrigue to his future.

What do you think will happen?

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