RealFevr raises €10 million to build the ultimate Web3 GameFi sports ecosystem

  • Portuguese Web3 startup boosts the sports GameFi and NFT space through product and market innovation, including solving speculation and supply problems in the digital collectibles industry.
  • Since 2021, RealFevr has released its token ($FEVR), launched the first NFT marketplace for football videos, formed partnerships with organizations such as Liga Portugal, Portuguese Football Federation, Torino FC and Beach Soccer Worldwide, and signed several world-class athletes.
  • RealFevr has sold out all of its NFT Collection Pack Drops so far. The packs include moments from players such as RealFevr Global Ambassador and Shareholder Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Ibrahimović, Di María, Ronaldinho, Cantona, Totti and more.

RealFevr, one of Portugal’s fastest growing startups, announced that it has raised a €10 million funding round. The round is led by global sports investor ADvantage, with participation from Semapa Next, Shilling Capital Partners, APEX Capital and professional soccer player Sérgio Oliveira.

The investment will further accelerate RealFevr’s international expansion, acquisition of new intellectual property rights, and launch the world’s first Trading Moments game: FEVR Battle Arena, scheduled for release in the coming weeks.

Since 2021, RealFevr has launched the world’s first NFT marketplace for football videos, announced IP partnerships with international sports companies such as Liga Portugal, Portuguese Football Federation, Torino FC and Beach Soccer Worldwide, and signed several world-class athletes as official ambassadors and investors.

Backed by its active global community, RealFevr’s Pack Drops continue to be a hot commodity despite the recent downturn in the crypto market.

All previous NFT Collection Pack Drops that could only be purchased with $FEVR sold out in less than 24 hours with over 145,000 packs sold, becoming the only football-related Web3 company to fully launch its product without shutting it down need to adjust supply levels.

The release of the first-ever Web3 Trading Moments game is another step towards becoming the Web3 reference in the esports and gaming industry. The game will follow traditional TCG mechanics and will have its own sustainable and innovative tokenomics model.

Because we’re at the forefront of innovation in such a competitive and high-tech market, we’re determined to stay bold in one of the most transformative markets we’ve seen in our lifetime. Our team is proud and excited about the new products we develop. And the most satisfying part is that we have now created the opportunity to explode our structure and we are definitely living up to the responsibility.”

added Fred Antunes.

Additionally, RealFevr plans to solve the speculative problem that characterizes the digital sports collectibles industry at large by providing, for the first time, a true in-game utility for sports video moments.

Jeremy Pressman, Partner at ADvantage Sports Tech Fund, explained:

As global sports investors, we have seen our fair share of startups developing products at the intersection of sports and web3. What immediately stood out about the RealFevr team was not only their extensive web3 and blockchain expertise, but also their focus and understanding of what it takes to build a community. We can’t think of a better time to start building something enduring in the industry and we’re excited to be working with a team that will move this industry forward.”

To date, despite bear market conditions, RealFevr is strong in terms of overall brand engagement. They have managed to retain a large number of owners since IDO and their digital metrics have proven to be consistent across their campaigns and marketing efforts.

They have also surpassed the 1 million mark in the total number of smart contract transactions registered on the BNB chain, a milestone that propels the company into a world-leading position in esports on the blockchain of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Through a combination of partnerships, blockchain, and gaming expertise, RealFevr’s daring vision is to become a new breed of NFT platform that offers things we’ve only dreamed of before.

About RealFevr

RealFevr is a Portuguese startup responsible for launching the first football NFT marketplace in video format. All digital collectible moments are fully licensed and therefore have real value.

Founded in 2015, RealFevr’s mission is to completely revolutionize the sports NFT ecosystem by combining innovative technology and blockchain decentralization, in addition to the exclusivity of collectibles in video format, with utility beyond the mere collector’s perspective, as they will also be playable items in upcoming Web3 games.

RealFevr’s first Web3 game, FEVR Battle Arena, is currently in beta and being tested by dozens of community members and experienced players.

In summary, RealFevr consists of:

  • Sports Video NFT Marketplace – where collectors can trade digital sports video collectibles operated by the BNB chain.
  • FEVR Battle Arena – upcoming Web3 Trading Moments Game.
  • FEVR token – the fuel of the entire RealFevr ecosystem.
  • fantasy leagues – Fantasy football app with over 2 million downloads and the core product from 2015 to 2021. For more information visit here.


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