Recognized as a top technology leader, bartaco receives the Hospitality Technology MURTEC Breakthrough Award

Using OneDine’s innovative ordering platform, the fast-casual taco chain was identified as a technology leader

PLANO, Texas, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At last week’s MURTEC Executive Summit hosted by hospitality technology, Scott LawtonCo-founder and CEO of bartacoaccepted the MURTEC Breakthrough Award 2022 on behalf of the bartaco brand.

The MURTEC Breakthrough Award honors restaurant companies that have demonstrated excellence in operational and guest-centric technologies.

At bartaco, a popular taco chain that offers upscale street food, customers use QR codes to place orders. This contactless ordering technology was developed by OneDine and is used at all locations. This “on-demand hospitality” model enhances guest visits and allows staff to focus on the guest experience, creating unforgettable brand affinity. Receiving this award was thanks to OneDine technology combined with the passion and dedication of the bartaco team.

“This is an incredible honor for our brand and our team,” he says Scott Lawton, co-founder and CEO of bartaco. “We were able to use technology to create an even more human experience. Partnering with OneDine has enabled us to develop this technology in a way that perfectly fits the brand and our values. Ever since we started the ‘On-Demand Hospitality’ initiative, OneDine has felt like part of the Bartaco team.”

“We are very happy for our partners at bartaco,” says Rom Krupp, founder and CEO of OneDine. “The Bartaco experience embodies our mission at OneDine – real guest control over their visit. We are honored that this mission and its embodiment at bartaco has been recognized by hospitality technology at their MURTEC Executive Summit.”

The on-demand hospitality model allows guests to sit down at a table, scan a QR code and start ordering immediately. At the end of the meal, guests can use their phones to pay their check. This business model has resulted in higher employee retention, satisfaction, higher revenue and lower costs.

About bartaco: bartaco is inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay and south California, offers upscale street food with coastal flair. You can find more information about bartaco at

About OneDine®: OneDine® is the most comprehensive digital dining and commerce solution for ordering, secure payments and guest information. OneDine is proud to be developed in Plano, Texas by innovators with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. To learn more, visit



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