RedWave introduces superior ProtectIR technology designed to help hazmat operators identify solid and liquid threats

RedWave’s advanced chemical analysis technology products are the latest and most accurate emergency identification for unknown chemicals

DANBURY, Conn., November 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Homeland security company RedWave Technology today announced the launch of “ProtectIR,” the latest and most advanced emergency tool for identifying unknown solid or liquid materials.

RedWave technology

RedWave technology

The ProtectIR can identify more than 22,000 solid and liquid compounds. Emergency response and personal need to chemically identify hazardous materials to understand the threat and mitigate the impact when released intentionally or accidentally. The ProtectIR identifies the most harmful toxic industrial compounds (TICs), chemical warfare agents (CWAs), explosives, narcotics, petroleum products, caustics and even consumer products.

“Our emergency response customers never know what threats they will encounter in their communities,” he said Jon Frattaroli, CEO of RedWave Technology. “That’s why we put so much effort into research and development – to provide our customers with the most advanced technology capable of detecting the widest range of threats.”

The core technology behind ProtectIR is Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, which has been used in homeland security applications for more than 20 years. The size of the built-in threat library, coupled with the latest, most advanced data analytics and groundbreaking algorithms, allow ProtectIR to identify even complex mixes with a high level of confidence.

RedWave Director of Product Development, Johannes Seelenbinderstated, “ProtectIR can identify almost twice as many chemical threats as comparable FTIR-based products. Results are instantly available on device and connected mobile devices with Redwave’s cloud-based TeamLeader app. This advanced technology enables near real-time remote viewing and advanced analysis of high-level team members outside of the hot zone.”

ProtectIR is the latest in RedWave Technology’s suite of chemical identification tools, including ThreatID, which can identify thousands of gas, powder, and liquid threats in a single device, and XplorIR, a robust, handheld identifier that can identify over 5,500 gases and vapors.

About RedWave technology

RedWave Technology is a homeland security company with a dedicated protection mission The United States. RedWave Technology develops technologies used as America’s first line of defense. The industry leader prides itself on leading the industry and continues to innovate new products to protect the world. In recent years, emergency responders have reported an urgent renewed need for improved analytics technology and responsive technical support.

RedWave Technology’s products are used daily by civilian, government and military responders to combat chemical threats. It has been a leader in the development of portable and portable FTIR spectroscopy analyzers for chemical threat detection.

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RedWave technology

RedWave technology



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