Regular shops keep the county busy

SANDPOINT — A variety of household affairs kept the district commissioners busy on Tuesday.

Items on the approval agenda included a spirits license for Wine4U in Sandpoint, approval of a smaller land division for Sky Top Estates at MLD0091-22 in Garfield Bay, and multiple $5,000 bills.

EMS had a $23,500 bill for powerload carrying, Road and Bridge had a $31,300 bill for hydroseeding, and another for $13,500 for the bristle repair of a power broom. Recreation had a $10,400 bill for emergency repairs to dock pilings damaged in a recent storm in the Cedar Creek area.

Next, County Clerk Mike Rosedale brought in the last batch of bills for fiscal year 2022 and the first batch for fiscal year 2023, which began October 1. The county ended fiscal 2022 with just under $1.5 million outstanding. EMS ended fiscal 2022 with a payment of over $130,000. The first batch of bills for fiscal 2023 for the county totaled nearly $500,000 and for EMS nearly $37,000.

Rosedale also took the opportunity to announce that early voting will begin next Monday, October 24, at the County Council Building, first floor polling station.

Next, EMS’ Jeff Lindsey presented an article to turn over an old 2011 ambulance to Bonn County Emergency Management to use as storage as it is no longer useful to EMS. Lindsey also turned over a 2016 ambulance to the Bonn County Facilities Department as it is no longer needed by EMS.

Daniel Brett and Swati Rastogi from the Bonn County Planning Department brought four articles. The first was a request to derogate from the road norms for two family parcels off Sunnyside Road, resulting in two parcels of over 6 acres in the 5-acre rural zone. Next, Rastogi introduced another road norm waiver for a family estate division in the western Ponderay area, which will result in two new 5-acre parcels within the 5-acre rural zone. Rastogi scored the third point, a boundary line adjustment for two parcels between Dover and Laclede. The request resulted in the creation of two 10-acre parcels within the rural 10-acre zone.

Rastogi also brought forward Liz Iha’s request for a refund of the re-inspection fee she had paid to challenge Jacob Gabell’s smaller land division. The fee was $380. After the board voted to approve the motion, Dave Bowman commented on Zoom.

“The application was approved? I couldn’t really hear.” When Chairman Dan McDonald responded that he did, Bowman said, “Well, then, I have no comment. Good work.” Iha was there in person and thanked the inspectors.

After that, Road and Bridge’s Jason Topp brought in a budget transfer request for several projects that were not completed in the last fiscal year. He asked the board to approve a carry-over of nearly $345,000 for this current fiscal year for the other half of the department’s marking projects, snow plows expected to be available in a few weeks, a replacement shed at Sunnyside, and six railroad track paving jobs to be completed be completed by the end of the month.

Bonn County Jail Lt. Cindy Wright brought about a resolution to transfer nearly $28,000 from one departmental budget to another. The surplus was left over from fiscal 2022 and will now be used to cover unforeseen costs for fuel, cellphones, equipment and office supplies.

Human Resources’ Alicia Clark introduced a resolution to hire a detention technician for the Sheriff’s Office and a paralegal for the Public Defender’s Office.

Finally, Jessi Reinhold submitted an application for re-election to the EMS Advisory Board, since the pandemic made her work impossible shortly after the Advisory Board was founded. Seven of the nine original members remain. The two new board members are Selkirk Fire Chief Gavin Gilcrease, who will be the fire department representative, and Priest Lake EMT Ashley Blackwell-Farley, who will be the transportation representative.

The next business meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 25th at 9:00 am in the administration building of the district of Bonn. 1500 US 2.


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