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Aaron Carter’s memoir has been delayed “out of respect” for his family.

The ‘I Want Candy’ singer was found dead at home on November 5th aged just 34 and days later Ballast Books announced plans to release ‘Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life’ on November 15th , but after a backlash they gave up and have now decided against publishing the tome.

Attorney Scott Atherton, founder of Atherton Galardi Mullen and Reeder PLLC, which represents Ballast Books, and author Andy Symonds – who interviewed the late pop star for the book over a three-year period – said in a statement: “Out of respect for the family Carter, my client has decided to delay further publication of the book at this time. In addition to being a celebrity, Mr. Carter was a father, brother, son and friend to many who still mourn.”

The attorney also noted that “recent public attention has focused on a small number of interactions in Mr. Carter’s early years.”

He added, “The more important story is about Mr. Carter’s life and what people can learn from his professional success, personal struggles and tragic death.”

Despite criticism of the planned release, the attorney insisted that Aaron wanted his story to be told “with all of its beauty and rawness.”

Aaron’s former girlfriend, Hilary Duff, who he dated as a young teenager, previously called the book’s release “disgusting.”

She said: “She said, ‘It’s really sad that within a week of Aaron’s death there is a publisher who recklessly puts out a book to capitalize on this tragedy without taking the proper time or care to to check the validity of his work. Diluting Aaron’s life story into what appears to be unconfirmed click-bait for profit is disgusting. In no way do I condone shedding any light on what so obviously is an uninformed, heartless money heist.

Aaron’s management team, Big Umbrella Management, thanked the former Disney Channel star for speaking out as they also condemned the release.

They said: “We as Aaron’s management would like to say thank you [Hilary] Duff for testifying about the book being published,” the statement said. “In the few short days following the death of our dear friends, we have attempted to grieve and process while simultaneously dealing with multiple obscenely disrespectful and unauthorized publications.

“These releases are an album, a single and now it appears to be a book.

“This is a time of grief and remembrance for an incredibly lost soul, not heartless money grabbing and attention seeking.

“We ask those responsible to remove the above content and that no further content be published without the consent of his family, friends and associates.”


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