Roku launches new cross-platform one-stop sports hub

As the streaming world becomes more fragmented and content is split across more and more streaming services, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for sports fans to keep track of their favorite teams. According to a recent study by smart TV platform Roku, 61% of respondents want a centralized location from which to access sports footage, while 63% want features on a smart platform that allow them to browse content that is specific to them relate to their favorite teams and leagues.

Roku has responded to this sports fan wish list with a new sports experience that integrates live and upcoming sports from its massively content-rich platform in one central location, accessible directly from the Roku home screen menu.

According to Roku, sports fans no longer have to click through multiple apps or channels to get their athletic performance.

Sports are also now being more richly and helpfully integrated with other aspects of Roku’s platform, such as: B. the search and voice services, making it even easier for Roku users to track and access the sports content they want.

Roku-using sports fans who want to access the new sports experience must do the following:

  1. From the home screen menu, scroll down to the sports access icon, or use Roku Search or Roku Voice to search for “sports” or related words, e.g. B. a specific team or league name.
  2. Within the new sports experience, users see live and upcoming games for a first-line list of leagues, conferences and more.
  3. Then when you click on the access tile for a game you are interested in, you will be presented with all the options to watch that game on any supported channel.
  4. Sports fans can also select different “zones” specific to individual sports or leagues, providing distilled access to live and upcoming events, other supplemental content specific to users’ favorite leagues, and content “shelves” for free content.

Roku’s new level of support for sports fans extends to new sports-related shows on The Roku Channel. The Rich Eisen Show, for example, is exclusive to the channel, and Roku also recently unveiled the new show Emeril Tailgates, in which chef Emeril Lagasse conjures up new recipes to accompany the next big game.

Streaming services already supporting the new Roku Sports experience include Apple TV, DirecTV, Fox Sports, FuboTV, Paramount+, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, TNT TBS, Sling, truTV, and of course The Roku Channel. However, Roku promises in its press release that more display options will be added in the coming months.

As a sign of the commercial potential of its new sports experience, Roku says GNC exclusively sponsored the College Football Sports Zone back in November.

“We know that tracking where sports are streaming has become increasingly fragmented in recent years,” said Alex Hill, Director of Live & Sports, Roku. “Seeing your favorite teams should be easy, so we made it a priority to build a more seamless and streamlined way to discover and watch sports on our platform. Sport is an integral part of the streaming experience and we will continue to improve that experience, for example by adding more supported providers and finding new ways for our users to follow their favorite teams.”

For more details on the new Roku Sports experience, visit the Roku Blog.


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