Royal Caribbean has quietly brought back pre-cruise entertainment reservations on some cruise lines

You may be able to book shows for your Royal Caribbean cruise before the cruise begins.

Guests report that later this year they will see the ability to pre-book select entertainment on at least the Oasis-class cruise ships.

Prior to the cruise industry shutdown in 2020, Royal Caribbean allowed passengers to pre-book pre-cruise stage shows through the Cruise Planner website.

Pre-order entertainment hasn’t returned since Royal Caribbean cruises restarted in June 2021.

Undo a change?

In late September, Royal Caribbean informed travel agents that they would not be bringing back the option to book pre-cruise shows.

As we continue to shape the future of cruising, some experiences may look a little different for some of your customers. With this, we are no longer accepting pre-reservations for inflight entertainment. All guests wishing to participate in our onboard entertainment must book it onboard at the box office or via the app.

Exceptions were not mentioned.

Royal Caribbean has not made any new announcement or confirmation of a policy change.

Some ships have the ability to book shows in advance

In the last week or so, many Royal Caribbean cruise lines have been reporting that they can book shows in advance by visiting the Cruise Planner website.

Previously, the pre-booking option did not appear on the Royal Caribbean app.

RoyalCaribbeanBlog readers have started sharing the change on the RoyalCaribbeanBlog forums that the option has reappeared.

Based on reader reports, the option will be available on Oasis-class cruise ships from December 2022.

A note on the cruise planner indicates that the option is available for:

So far, mainly December 2022 cruises seem to have the option, but it’s possible that more sailings will be added later.

reader reaction

The early reaction from readers was a sense of surprise mixed with confusion as to why the policy appears to have changed so quickly.

CruzOnBye was able to use this option: “We’re on Odyssey in December and can now reserve The Book in Two70 and also the Zone Zero activity, that’s nice!”

“As a planner, my biggest frustration is not being able to do more. But hey, I save time not doing the old-school pattern exercise, so that time is now being spent making reservations,” he said Vancity cruiser.

“It’s something Royal really needs to improve on,” NotPayinExtra Posted. “What is the problem with communication? Just tell us already. Limited online booking or not?”

CruiseGus I preferred not to have that option back,” Firstly, I really liked that you couldn’t book until you were on board. The main problem with the way they do it is on the app itself if you cancel a show early because you want to change it, you’re blocked from being rebooked, so you’ll have to go to guest services or see someone.”


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