Savannah Ghost Pirates entertainment themed gameday experience


True to Savannah, the Ghost Pirates’ 36 home games are both community parties and sporting events.

Savannah’s new minor league hockey expansion franchise makes its home debut Saturday at 7 p.m. at Enmarket Arena. The opening game is sold out and the celebrations will begin well before the game begins, said Ghost Pirates President Bob Ohrablo.

“From the moment someone gets out of their car in the parking lot and onto the front pitch, they need to be entertained before the game even starts. Then when they come to the arena, they have to see different things every night,” he said.

Here are five ways to make the most of your day of play at Enmarket Arena, whether it’s Saturday’s opening night or one of the other 35 games scheduled this season.

Ghost Pirates: The haunting begins

The Savannah Ghost Pirates, a minor league ice hockey team, play their first ever home game Saturday at 7:00 p.m. to a sold-out crowd at Enmarket Arena. In the days leading up to its debut, the Savannah Morning News runs a series of articles previewing the inaugural season.

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Keep an eye out for Davy

The swashbuckling Ghosts Pirates mascot is everywhere: on the ice, in the stands, in line for tacos and chicken fingers. Expect lots of swagger and even a few gymnastic falls from this pirate specter, whose name was chosen from 3,000 suggestions collected across social media channels.

Promotions and theme nights

Each Ghost Pirates home game is a themed event with salutes to service members and cancer survivors; Celebrating Marvel, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros. Characters; and, following a Savannah tradition, a discounted beer promotion every Thursday.

Pregame party on the pitch

The fun starts hours before the start of the game in the Enmarket Arena. Bands, carnival games and other celebrations are held on the square in front of the main entrance before each home game. The pre-game entertainment continues inside, with Ghost Pirates officials encouraging fans to sit in their seats well before the opening game.

take the ice cream

You don’t need a “seat on the glass” to see the Ghost Pirates players up close. Enmarket Arena was designed so that fans in the ground floor lounge can see the team walk from the locker room to the ice through windows in the hallway. In addition, youth sports team participants will form a “high-five tunnel” to welcome players during the pre-game introduction.

The coolest Zambonis in the ECHL

Nothing fascinates hockey fans more than the Zamboni, the ice maintenance machines that criss-cross the rink between seasons. The Ghost Pirates boast two of the most advanced Zambonis in hockey – they are electrically powered, the only EVs in the ECHL. Fun Fact: A Zamboni’s top speed is 9 miles per hour, but it only moves half that speed to clean and condition the ice.


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