Schall takes on critical concerns of sports nutrition

The Sports & Active Nutrition Summit will take place again in San Diego on February 15-17, 2023. The event brings together scientists, formulators, consultants and regulatory experts to advance the sports nutrition category. Day one begins with State of the Industry, which addresses the key challenges facing the sports and active nutrition industries.

“A wild succession of events”

While the US economy has recovered from the pandemic faster than expected, the recovery in demand has strained supply chains and sent inflation skyrocketing. These supply chain disruptions have severely strained global supplies, with climate concerns only compounding the problem. And as the supplement industry and the world struggle to fight inflation, we also face a war between Russia and Ukraine that could dampen global growth. So what can we learn from these complex challenges?



The upcoming Sports and Active Nutrition Summit will address these issues head-on in our State of the Industry session with Joshua Schall, Director of J. Schall Consulting. Schall will use his functional CPG insights to analyze how the pandemic accelerated e-commerce adoption, transformed consumer behavior and how businesses can maintain brand loyalty in today’s volatile world.

“Whether it’s supply chain chaos, geopolitical tensions, inflationary pressures, recession fears, or pandemic-driven consumer behavior shifts, professionals in the sports and active nutrition industries would have an extremely hard time citing a wilder string of a few years in this space . With uncertainty at an all-time high, my goal is to provide attendees with a collection of insights that will help them “see around the corner” so they can turn risk into opportunity,”said sound.


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