Scholarships awarded to outstanding seniors with a focus in the CSUF entertainment industry

From Daniel Coats ’15,’18
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Grantee Victoria Krivenkoff ’23

Cal State Fullerton Entertainment and Hospitality Management seniors Victoria Krivenkoff ’23 and Sydney Perez ’23 have received financial support for their studies with a scholarship established by alumna Sydney Russakov ’15. The award provides financial support to students pursuing careers in music, film, tourism or hospitality.

Both 2022 recipients received grants of $3,000 each.

“Receiving this scholarship allows me to become a member of various music industry organizations such as EAMC, GrammyU, MPI SoCal and Cal State Fullerton Clubs,” explains Krivenkoff. “This enabled me to attend courses in the summer of 2022 to minimize my fall and spring workload. Now I can use my free time better to work towards professional goals and jobs!”

Perez says, “I plan to use this honor to build myself as a worthy candidate for entry-level jobs in the highly competitive entertainment industry, and hope to use these funds toward the completion of my undergraduate and independent certificate program at New York University in ways such as.” the casting apprenticeship program at Syracuse University to educate me.”

Fellow Sydney Perez ’23

Both recipients were commissioned to write a paper on how the award would support their journey to work in their chosen field. The scholarship fund is named after a 2015 graduate who held senior product management positions at LinkedIn before taking a product lead role at website builder

Cal State Fullerton’s Entertainment and Hospitality Management program leverages the university’s proximity to Disneyland and Hollywood, the expertise of the college’s entertainment and tourism department, and industry connections to ensure students get off to a strong start in the field are prepared.

The program has a solid reputation with aspiring entertainment and hospitality industry students looking to further their future in Southern California.

“Studying Entertainment and Hospitality Management was the reason I chose CSUF over other Cal State schools. This program is unique in that it employs professors who have hands-on experience in these industries and genuinely care about educating the students on current trends/changes. The students in the program come from very different backgrounds and interests. Because of this, I have formed so many meaningful connections with my colleagues that I know will last throughout our careers,” says Krivenkoff.

“EHM consists of a plethora of jobs based on the interests of an individual. Whether you’re looking to get into esports, amusement parks, hospitality, music, etc., you’ll find valuable concentration information in each class. So much of what we learn is seen across the industry!”


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