Simmons Says – More names for the Sports Hall of Fame

I love making updates about the Warren County Sports Hall of Fame. It’s one of my favorite stories that I write every year because people go crazy for it. Pioneer Nation is second to none when it comes to fandom and the superfans, young and old, love to celebrate the best of the best who have come through Warren County.

Dozens of people turned out to talk about the newcomers on Friday – Franklin Fisher, Betty Wood, Gary Cope, Glen Powers, Scott Haile, Lisa Dalton and Dennis Mix. Others wanted to talk to me about who gets in next, a topic of discussion I personally love.

It’s always fun to hear about new people that I may not have seen (or heard of) in the ’60s or ’70s, and it’s great to know that their legends live on through the people who saw them perform. I’ve been covering local sports since 2010 and here are my five favorites that I’ll be inducting into the Hall of Fame next:

#1 – Slim

He may not have been a top athlete, but I don’t know if there are five former pioneers who are better known to most sports fans than Slim. Everyone knows him and almost everyone I speak to loves him for the passion he has for supporting the local sport.

There are already boosters and super fans in the hall. I think they can make way for Warren County’s #1 sports fan.

#2 – CJ Taylor

CJ is a no-brainer that needs no explanation. He’ll get in – it’s just a matter of time. His accomplishments in basketball or football would easily make him a WC Sports Hall of Famer – his effortless merging of success in both sports is why some (myself included) consider him the greatest pioneer of all time.

#3 – Todd Willmore

A legendary coach joined this year (Fisher). It will soon be time for another one. Willmore had over 150 victories as manager of the Lady Pioneer football program and won multiple district titles. He has also been a sporting director for over a decade and was a great player in his day.

#4 – Caleb Northcutt

Quick Quiz: Who is the second best rusher in Pioneer history? It’s probably a surefire sign it’s Northcutt now that I’m asking it, but I think most would assume it’s Jeff Womack and CJ in the top two. No – the No. 2 position belongs to Northcutt, who was also an All District baseball player.

#5 – Katie Toney

Forgive me, Ansley Mullican and Morgan McCormack, because your time should come too, but if we’re about to introduce a Lady Pioneer football standout (and it’s about time we did), why not go straight for top scorer all times school decide ? Toney was sensational for Warren County.


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