The innovative virtual sports metaverse uses Scuti as an award-winning gCommerce platform

NEW YORK, November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scuti, the pioneering rewards gCommerce marketplace, is pleased to announce that SimWin Sports will join its rewards and advertising network to attract and reward players for this innovative new sports metaverse. SimWin sport is the first virtual league that allows fantasy athletes and esports fans to watch, predict, collect, play and earn with their teams 24/7.

The addition of SimWin to the Scuti network will expand the addressable audience that Scuti brands offer to over 20 million monthly users.

SimWin is launching a league of 32 American football teams (followed by basketball, soccer, and other sports) that will bring fantasy football, esports, and virtual player ownership to the Metaverse. SimWin virtual sports teams are owned by sports and entertainment legends including Magic Johnson, Jerry Rice, Marshall Falk, Mike Singletary, Tracy McGrady, Penny HardawayLaMelo Ball, Dr. Jens Welter, Suzanne de Passe, Nick Carter, and more. Users can join the action as virtual sports agents, coaching, trading and selling virtual players in hopes of making it into the big leagues with the potential to earn based on performance.

Scuti will integrate its award-winning gCommerce platform into the SimWin experience, allowing brands and sponsors to sell their physical and digital goods directly to gamers on this vibrant Web3 platform. With each purchase, players are rewarded with Scuti$ Rewards that can be redeemed for SimWin Tokens or used to purchase additional goods in the Scuti Marketplace.

“We know the modern sports fan is as demanding as SimWin’s sports metaverse,” he said David Ortiz, Founder and CEO of SimWin Sports. “Fans are passionate about sports and want on-demand access, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But they also celebrate their fan base through video games, fantasy sports, sports betting, lifestyle apparel, collecting physical and digital memorabilia, and more. Scuti’s innovative rewards marketplace allows us to pull these items into our metaverse and make it a hub for all of their interests.”

Scuti Rewards Marketplace will provide players with a gCommerce platform that offers users universal rewards. Scuti can be accessed from any video game or virtual experience. Players earn rewards by shopping, leveling up, watching videos or participating in eSports events. Scuti helps vendors sell directly to players without disrupting their gameplay and enhances it with rewards they can use for in-app purchases. Scuti benefits all parties with the perfect trifecta, rewards and retains players, generates value-added revenue for game publishers, and offers brands a direct new sales and marketing channel.

“This is the holy grail for brands looking to reach sports, esports and gaming fans and future-proof their businesses with a Web3.0 program through Scuti and SimWin,” he said Nicholas Longano, CEO and Founder of Scuti. “SimWin gives brands lifestyle access to a huge and engaged audience, and with the addition of Scuti, the mass awareness and intent created by SimWin can result in a seamless sale that rewards the player and enhances their gaming experience.”


SimWin Sports is the world’s first digital sports league, offering gamers, esports fans and sports bettors the opportunity to watch, play, predict and collect. It features daily and seasonal fantasy tournaments in which fans can engage by collecting, trading, and managing player NFTs. SimWin Sports, a minority-owned company, is also the first company in the world to sell professional sports franchises as NFTs owned by some of the world’s biggest celebrities, athletes and influencers. Learn more at simwinsports.comand follow us on all social platforms at @simwinsports.


Scuti is the pioneer in rewarded gCommerce accessed through video games and metaverses connected to the Scuti Network. The Scuti Marketplace gives players direct access to curated products, promotional offers and exciting rewards that can be redeemed for virtual in-game items, exchanged for native currency, or purchase physical goods from the Scuti catalogue.

Developed by video game industry veterans from Blizzard, Epic, Zynga, EA and Microsoft Games Studio, Scuti is a portfolio company of investment house Fasanara Capital Group. Fasanara Capital is an alternative wealth manager offering access to various innovative multi-asset niche products with limited capacity. The fund manages approx $3.0 billion in wealth. For more information, visit:



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