Sir Rod Stewart takes aim at Vladimir Putin | entertainment

Sir Rod Stewart branded Vladimir Putin “a******”.

The 77-year-old music legend has targeted the Russian president days after he revealed he had rented a home for a family of seven Ukrainian refugees amid the tyrant’s ongoing invasion in the neighboring country.

Rod is quoted by the Scottish Daily Express as saying: “I use some vulgar words when describing Putin. And I’m trying to say: ‘Listen, this is not the fault of the Russian people.

“This is a man and his regime, so don’t blame all Russians. I’ve been to Russia many times and I’ve found the friendliest people in the world, really. So it’s not her fault, it’s that a* *****.”

Rod is preparing for a UK tour in November and plans to sing his 1991 “anti-war song” “Rhythm Of My Heart” as a tribute to the Ukrainian people.

He said: “I dedicate this to the Ukrainians, and we raise a Ukrainian flag and [Ukraine’s President] Zelensky (on the big screen).”

Rod bought a house in Berkshire, furnished the apartment and vowed to pay the rent and bills for the couple Rostyslav and Olena and their children Taras, 17, Kostya, 16, Roman, 13, Mariia, for at least a year, 10 , and Dymtro, two, after fleeing their war-torn nation.

Rod decided to take action after he and his wife Penny Lancaster, 51, saw the devastating scenes on the news one evening.

He said: “Words could not describe what we saw.

“The bombing of innocent children, the bombing of hospitals and playgrounds. We, like everyone else, were beside ourselves. I don’t wish that on anyone. This is evil, pure evil.

“I was born shortly after [Second World] war, so my family has a lot of memories of it.

“It was so devastating for me. I didn’t think we would ever see anything like a land war with tanks again.”

Rod and his nephew Warren then hatched a plan to load trucks with supplies and take them to the Ukrainian border.

The ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’ hitmaker was keen to make the trip himself but was advised against it and the trucks took 16 refugees back to Berlin.

He then got in touch with Rostyslav and his family – who were not among the 16 brought back by his vehicle – and the singer has also given two other refugees work at his Essex estate.

Rod joked that the family knew who he was because he left “about 500 CDs” for them at the house, and admitted it was “really wonderful” to meet her for the first time.

He added: “I walked through the door and they all came running down the stairs, all beautifully dressed in Ukrainian national costumes.

“It was so nice that they all made this effort. They made me a cup of tea and we had lots of biscuits and chocolates, although the baby always stole everything from me. It was really wonderful.”

Rostyslav and Olena said in a statement: “Thank you to Sir Rod Stewart, Warren Cady, his parents and their family for their openness and their sincere and big hearts. Thanks to her sponsorship and Warren’s hard work, our children are now safe and able to study normally in school.

“We thank the British Government and the residents of Bracknell, our children’s teachers and the entire British people for their tireless and invaluable help to Ukraine.

“We pray daily for God’s blessings on Sir Rod, Warren, their family and the entire British people.”


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