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What drove at Georges Niang on Monday night?

This 76ers season has been dismal so far as they stumbled to a 4-6 start, but all that changed when Niang started hoisting three points against the Phoenix Suns. Niang hit 7 of 10 threes as the Sixers clinched a 100-88 win over one of the top teams in the Western Conference.

Amid the Sixers’ rocky start, sports talk radio and some angry fans called for Doc Rivers to be ousted. But fired Doc? Let’s not get carried away so early in the game, writes Keith Pompey.

Next: The Sixers will take the field again Thursday at 7:30 p.m. when they travel to Atlanta to play the Hawks (NBCSP+).

— Jim Swan, Inquirer Sports Staff, @phillysport, [email protected].

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You know it’s been a good season where it’s hard to make decisions only three great choices because there are so many, and it’s hard to find three truly terrible choices because there are so few. But when a team reaches Game 6 of the World Series, that’s usually the case, even if it’s the Phillies. Marcus Hayes explains what went right – and wrong – in 2022.

Zach Eflin will enter the free-agent market after turning down his side of a mutual option with the Phillies, who also received the $16 million option on Aaron Nola.

The Phillies also declined the $17 million club option for second baseman Jean Segura. After receiving a $1 million buyout, Segura becomes a free agent.

Among the most impressive stats in this 8-0 start for the Eagles, they have a plus-15 turnover differential, which leads the league by an amazing margin. There are three teams sharing second place with plus six.

The Flyers will have a different look on Tuesday as the team will debut their new reverse retro kits. The mostly white and black sweaters are an ode to the Stanley Cup teams of the 1970s. Players will even wear the infamous Cooperalls, which were worn for two warm-up seasons in the 80’s.

Next: The Flyers return home to play the St. Louis Blues at the Wells Fargo Center Tuesday (7 p.m., NBCSP).

After the devastating defeat in the MLS Cup final, Union face big questions next season. The team’s overall performance has attracted interest from clubs abroad and for some players, the ink on new deals is likely to have dried, just awaiting an official announcement.

Inquirer football reporter Jonathan Tannenwald takes a look at the biggest questions facing the Union in the offseason.

The blow continues for the team in international competition as Union learned their fate in the Concacaf Champions League draw.

Sixteenth-ranked Villanova opened the season with an 81-68 win over La Salle in Kyle Neptune’s first game as Wildcats coach. Caleb Daniels led the Wildcats with 24 points and 10 rebounds. Josh Nickelberry scored 22 for Fran Dunphy’s Explorers.

Damian Dunn led all scorers with 29 points, but Temple suffered a 76-73 loss to Wagner in overtime.

Iona beat Penn, 78-50. Jordan Dingle led the Quakers by 16 points.

Temple’s women fell in Diane Richardson’s first game as coach against Princeton, 67-49.

Sophomore Jordan Longino hopes to play a bigger role for Villanova this season.

Maddie Burke, a transfer from Penn State, is expected to be a hitter for the Villanova women.

The St. Joseph’s University women, behind their super sophomores’ game, started the season with a win.

Which 76ers manager has won the most games of all time? Only if the answer is correct to [email protected] will it be featured in the newsletter.

A) Billy Cunningham

B) Alex Hannum

C) Larry Brown

D) Brett Brown

We asked you: Which championship Philadelphia lost this weekend hurt you more as a sports fan and why? Among your answers:

When the Phillies won the pennant, I cried! Then they lost to the scammers, I cried! Nothing to be sad about. They brought us more joy and the ten year wait was worth it! Rob Thomson should be manager of the year, he was great! The boys fought and smashed, we are so proud of them! We love our National League Champions! – Jill L

For me it was Union because they were a better team throughout the year as shown by their goal difference and because they won the title with two minutes left. The Phillies topped a thrilling run in the postseason, but the Astros always had an advantage due to their deeper rotation. —Joel G.

Of course, the Phillies have been around for over 130 years. Half my life, and partly due to a stupid move by a manager who should have known better. Since none of the analysts ever played more than computer games, they convinced him that he should pick up a starting pitcher that threw balls and get a helper who hadn’t been so good lately. Sad way to lose. – Bill M

For me Union’s title loss is more disappointing because of the season they had. Unbeaten at home, one of the best defenses in MLS, coming to a penalty shootout is sad. Great season from both teams! Wish at least one ended in a title! —David H.

I’ve seen the Phillies World Series wins in 1980 and 2008 and I can tell you this one would have been just as great. What hurts the most are the what-ifs. An example is the removal of Zack Wheeler in Game 6. That was a mistake that cost them the game and the World Series. Also painful is that the Astros won, a team forever defined as cheaters. But deep down I’m proud of the Phils and I know they have the talent to do it again. They braved all odds just to be there. 2023 awaits, Go Phils! —Kathi T.

Our Phillies took us on an unexpected rollercoaster ride of excitement and hope. Winning the pennant was outstanding, so everything after that was a gravy. Our boys of the summer have so much to be proud of. They played with their hearts and minds and made our city proud. Union’s defeat was a real heartbreaker. The title and victory were so close it could taste like the best cheesesteak ever. Always hate losing to penalties it hurts. When I think about it, this was one of our best falls ever with so much talent and opportunity. It fills the hearts of these fans with pride and gratitude. —Dorothy L.

The Union – a goal in the final minutes from a red card team and then penalties and they’ve been great all season. — Mark R.

I definitely have to say I prefer the Phillies. You were the Rocky Balboa for Astros’ Apollo Creed; the last team in the NL to reach the playoffs against the top team in the AL. Wow, what a great story. It was both disappointing and inspiring. Every Phillies fan, as well as every member of the team, should hold their heads high. This team was exceptional in the playoffs, proving to be the second-best team in all of professional baseball. Just wait and see what they do next year. — John N

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