Slush 2022 – Showcasing Technology at the Core of Purpose-Driven Shift

For example, we show how AI can be used to prevent bullying in schools, how industries can optimize their use of renewable energy, and how people with cognitive disabilities helped us create an unprecedented time tracking solution.

Like Slush, Tietoevry believes that technology to solve humanity’s most pressing problems should have a purpose that contributes to a better world. To achieve this, we need the next generation of entrepreneurs, VCs and corporations working together towards this common goal.

“We’re attending Slush to show and reinforce our commitment to the slush issues of the decade, which focus on diversity and inclusion, purposeful change and disruptive innovation. The event and the slush ecosystem in general provide a much-needed platform for innovative spirit and inspiration for a tech-enabled sustainable future. We want to convey this sentiment across the tech industry as a whole, to make it the workplace of choice for talent from diverse backgrounds. Together we can reinvent the world forever.” – Kimmo Alkio, CEO, Tietoevry.

Tietoevry’s presence at Slush

Tietoevry brings a variety of demos and experts, both from within the company and from our partners, to Slush to show how we’ve used data, analytics, AI and other cutting-edge technologies to solve concrete problems – and how we embrace diversity & Inclusion, sustainability and the power of ecosystems in our operations.

Tietoevry Demos x 6:

operation of renewable energy industries; Energy has become one of the major issues of our time. Tietoevry Distributed Energy Solution (DES) provides a real-time view of operations – from utility-level assets to small distributed energy resources – and allows to see how they can be optimized and generate more efficient revenue streams.

Payment cards go beyond plastic; Plastic cards contribute to a lot of plastic waste and both consumers and governments expect the card industry to make cards more sustainable. Tietoevry Banking engages in customer collaborations that enable banks to reduce the environmental impact of their card business.

Making invisible emissions tangible with Tietoevry’s Sustainability Data Hub; Climate crisis, biodiversity loss and rising demands for human rights are changing the way business is done. With increasing pressure from investors, consumers and regulators, companies need to be more transparent than ever about their sustainability efforts. Tietoevry’s solution provides companies with an easy-to-understand, real-time visual view of their ESG data, helping them achieve their sustainability goals faster.

TIDA – an inclusive IoT solution; More and more services are being digitized to make everyday life easier. At the same time, more and more people are being left behind by this development against their will. With inclusive design you can counteract digital exclusion. Tietoevry’s TIDA solution is an example of this, allowing people with cognitive and/or physical disabilities that prevent them from using apps or other digital services to clock themselves into work with a digital time tracking tool.

anti-bullying digital twin; Reports of child bullying, even from an early age, are worrying. Bullying can have long-lasting and devastating effects that last a lifetime. To fight bullying, Tietoevry has teamed up with Friends and Örebro University to create what appears to be the world’s first preventive anti-bullying tool – the Anti-Bullying Digital Twin.

Save the crops with AI; Save the wine, one grape at a time, from the dangers of late-season frost caused by climate change. The digital transformation is also progressing rapidly in agriculture. While there is a perception that only large manufacturers can benefit from digital technology, this case shows that smaller companies can also benefit from leveraging IoT and data analytics to increase efficiencies.

Selection from other Tietoevry activities at Slush:

Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Technology Industry – Slush Partner Event hosted by inklusiiv
Hanna Vuorikoski from Tietoevry will participate in a panel discussion (on November 17) on: What is the current state of diversity, equity and inclusion in the technology industry? What are the obstacles holding back progress? And what should we do to achieve a more diverse, equitable and inclusive industry?

Building trustworthy digital societies – with the power of ecosystems

The global information technology markets are changing due to new technologies and business models. Part of the Business Finland funded Veturi initiative, the mission of Tietoevry’s Trusted Digital Societes program is to create affordable, accessible and trusted digital services for citizens. The program can offer various types of support to its ecosystem partners, e.g. B. Assistance with the application process, partner search, cooperation with other Veturi programs, development of cooperation between two or more partners. Tietoevry experts from the program can be found at our booth during the event.

Digital inclusion on the agenda with startup refugees
How does Tietoevry, together with Startup Refugees, help newcomers to integrate into the Finnish labor market and society? How does this relate to diversity and inclusion? Tietoevry and Startup Refugees have been working together for several years, and we are represented together at the Tietoevry booth to present concrete examples of how each can help.

More information:

At Slush, see Tietoevry at Booth 7B.18
Visit our website for more details on Tietoevry’s participation in Slush 2022

Tietoevry Newsdesk is happy to offer you interview opportunities before, during and after Slush:
+358 40 5704072, [email protected]


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