Smart Building Technologies: Examples and Possibilities

An evolution is slowly taking place worldwide in all areas. Technology is credible for this transformation from traditional to modern processes. The emerging smart building technology is also leaving its mark on the ongoing revolution process.

Using IoT development strategies, the given technology revolutionizes the operability of a building. Demand for buildings integrated with smart technology is becoming increasingly popular, and by 2027, the projected value of the global smart building market is US$131.5 billion.

What does intelligent building technology mean?

Smart building technology refers to the tools used in a normal building to transform it into a “smarter” one. These tools improve the operational process, providing increased automation and better responsiveness to occupant needs and also to outdoor conditions.

The effective integration of intelligent building technology ensures the transformation of your workplace. A healthy working atmosphere can be created in the office with cost-efficient management.

Smart Building Technologies: Examples

A large number of people work in the offices every day and inefficient use of resources can affect your budget and that of your customers. Inefficient use of resources and mismanagement of budgets can stall your business growth.

Therefore, it is a good idea to opt for smart building technologies for offices. Smart building systems synchronized with IoT sensors offer a great way to minimize costs, reduce waste and save space.


Edge building is an inspiring example of smart offices. From desktop management to generating energy from solar panels to collecting rainwater and spraying the nearby green spaces, Edge does it all.

Smart technology is also spreading in healthcare. AI-based diagnoses, health data and technology-enhanced care practices are possible in smart hospitals.


Sint-Maarten Hospital is a leading smart hospital. Patients have access to the tools that control the room’s functions and state. Improved communication is also observed between the patient and the medical staff.

A data center equipped with modern technologies can change the way we manage data. Data centers integrated with smart building technologies provide seamless power delivery, activation of smoke detection sensors, and automation processes in risk management, security screening, and authorization.


NxtGen is a new age data center capable of processing both intelligent and dynamic information. Apart from that, adjustable servers according to the required power, thermal sensors and management systems to maintain security.

  • Intelligent life science facilities

Life science institutions need advanced research for advanced discoveries. This category of services often faces challenges such as biosecurity issues or loss of intellectual property. To solve the problem, intelligent life science facilities use intelligent systems for laboratories, clean rooms and critical storage systems.


Develco Pharma, a global leader in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, uses this advanced technology to design processes and digitize the visual representation of data. The company’s solution offers them security monitoring, airflow control, fire detection and much more.

Smart Building Technology: Opportunities

Take advantage of the opportunities presented by technology to scale up your business faster

  • cost optimization: Smart building technology evaluates the usage behavior of the office building and makes adjustments to improve building maintenance. Aside from that, improvements can be made in HVAC operations and room management with this technology to reduce costs.
  • Automated control: You get the automated control of HVAC, lighting, shading, access and security systems based on the collected and evaluated data on environmental conditions, tenant behavior and much more.
  • risk prevention: To maintain the security of the building, smart building technology will notify you when unusual asset usage occurs.
  • Minimized environmental impact: As this technology evaluates the indoor and outdoor environment, the behavior of the commuter and other relevant information to improve water and electricity consumption and minimize emissions.

The final result

Smart building technology is becoming more popular every day as it serves a business with accuracy. From cost management to improving the use of resources to making the building environmentally friendly, intelligent building technology fulfills all tasks.

By using smart building technology, you get reduced costs, better resource utilization and an environmentally friendly approach, all while helping your business grow.

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