SMOORE introduces FEELM Max, their disposable technology solution

Jakarta, Indonesia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SMOORE presented its FEELM Max single-use technology solution at the Indonesia Electronic Atomization Exhibition (IECIE2022) held at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center. Speaking at the show, Clayton Shen, Vice President of SMOORE and the Business Group of FEELM, emphasized the importance of technological innovation in advancing the vaping industry.

IECIE is one of the world’s most influential exhibition platforms for companies involved in the vaping industry. The exhibition covered an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 12,000 square meters with over 100 exhibitors and attracted more than 10,000 visitors. In recent years, Southeast Asia has emerged as a new industrial center due to its population base and market development potential. According to data from Euromonitor, the total vaping market in Southeast Asia is expected to grow by 29 percent in 2023.

Since its launch, FEELM Max has been recognized by many customers around the world for its ceramic coil technology that brings “more puffs, velvety silky and same great flavor to the last puff” and has been marketed in more than ten countries including the United States and Great Britain.

This exhibition was an opportunity for SMOORE to show all the innovations that FEELM Max has to offer. These range from the “Semi-Translucence Mouthpiece” to environmentally friendly packaging. Taken together, this means that FEELM Max not only enhances the consumer experience, but also showcases SMOORE as an industry leader in environmental responsibility.

Clayton Shen stated in his speech that the current closed system is the fastest growing category in the new tobacco market and will take the largest market share in the long term. Ceramic coils have solved the industry’s long-standing problems of liquid leakage, burnt taste and other pain points, and the industry is now undoubtedly in the “ceramic age”. This technology is used in the largest “closed system” products in the world including VUSE, RELX, NJOY, HEXA and HAKA to name a few.

Although significant progress has been made, there is no doubt that the industry still has a long way to go. Technological innovations have fueled the progress of the vaping industry which also has more expectations for FEELM to keep innovating like they did with FEELM Max. Having just won the Golden Leaf Award’s Most Promising Innovative Technology Award at the 2022 Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum in Washington DC, FEELM has taken an industry-leading position in fostering innovation and change, and that’s something they feel committed to moving forward.


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