Speed ​​3D’s new e-commerce platform applies AR technology to online retail

As the first and only official business partner of the Meta Spark AR Network in Taiwan, Speed3D continues to work on new breakthroughs in intelligent AR technology. In order to offer a better immersive experience, Speed3D will launch its new e-commerce platform called METAR Commerce next year. Both retailers and the online shopping community will benefit from this revolutionary platform.

Before founding Speed3D, Marvin Chiu, the founder and CEO of Speed3D, has over 26 years of hands-on experience in the technology industry and has held senior leadership positions at leading software companies such as Trend Micro and CyberLink. In late 2013, Chiu decided to start his own company focusing on 3D modeling technology. “Speed3D will ‘speed up’ the 3D modeling process while reducing production costs,” said Chiu.

Speed3D’s first application, Insta 3D, quickly went viral and became one of the most popular downloaded apps worldwide. This app allows social media users to create their own 3D avatars by simply converting them from 2D photos. Introduced July 2014Insta 3D became number one in the ranking United States of America on April 23, 2015and #1 in other English-speaking countries in the same year. A year later, Speed3D cooperated with Capcom Monster Hunter, a well-known Japanese role-playing game, by converting 2D facial images into realistic 3D avatars and making them shareable via social media platforms.

Insta3D’s popularity prompted Facebook to contact Speed ​​3D for a collaboration. Chiu remembers that question Guannan PuFacebook Product Partnerships Manager, asked him, “Are you interested in becoming the partner for next-generation digital marketing platforms?” Since 2018, Speed ​​3D has been the first technical associate in the Asia Pacific Region on the Facebook AR Studio platform.

Through face recognition and mobile sensor technology, the Facebook camera combined with 3D components has made AR effects more realistic, brought improved interactive effects, and created endless possibilities for interactive marketing. There are currently 2.7 billion creators on Spark AR. By manufacturing creative products, Speed3D has served over 200 brands in digital marketing and has become the most competitive Facebook partner around the world, with clients from almost every industry including finance, fashion, automotive and tourism.

Despite these achievements, Speed3D continues to develop new products and improve its algorithm research. “We are committed to augmented reality and machine learning. We strive to offer more advanced intelligent AR products and maintain our leading position among competitors by optimizing our facial technology and image recognition,” said Chiu.

For example, Picbot, the world’s first AR-compatible Smart Photo Booth robot, offers an interactive and fun experience with 3D animation capabilities and mobile control capabilities. Other products like FunkAR combine social engagement with digital commerce and customization of web-based AR cards that can be linked to any external website.

In addition to supporting customers in digital marketing with intelligent AR products, the company’s commitment to helping customers solve their problems has resulted in a growing number of business partners. Chiu firmly believes that customer satisfaction is far more important than making money.

Supported by the National Development Council of Taiwan, METAR Commerce will be launched in 2023. This platform will allow retailers to sell products such as sunglasses or earrings with 3D try-on features through the website, allowing potential customers to try on these products without leaving their homes. Chiu believes METAR will greatly improve the accessibility of 3D and AR production for many retail businesses. “METAR Commerce will allow anyone, even those who don’t understand AR technology, to create a WebAR retail space where customers can try products digitally,” says Chiu.


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