Sports seasons are way too long

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Misinformation abounds: The education system really needs to be overhauled to specialize in critical thinking skills. In the information age, everyone seems to be misinformed.

Legal bribery? Governor JB Pritzker pays many in his administration six-figure salaries. This borders on bribery and gives them cause to be biased towards his decisions instead of being accountable to taxpayers.

Money wasted on advertising: It’s nothing but non-stop advertisements on TV and radio. I think Pritzker alone has invested over $50 million, and I’m sure the other politicians are investing a lot too. Instead, why not offer rewards (to catch the suspects) for people shot in Chicago and throughout the Illinois suburbs. I would then vote for her because I knew the money was well spent.

The ruin of the sport: Professional sport has created a monster problem. If we play too many games in a season we have baseball with the World Series in November, soccer in February, basketball and hockey in May. Season playoffs are boring because they pay these players too much money. The owners are to blame.

tax problem: I don’t want to read or hear any Republican or Trumpster complaining about Pritzker’s tax return or anyone else’s tax return until Donald Trump releases his tax returns.

History of Social Security: I want to remind everyone that you have Social Security and Medicare thanks to the Democratic Party. The Republican Party has always opposed Social Security and Medicare, and over the decades has done everything it can to destroy both programs and destroy them as much as possible. Please remember that thanks to the Democrats, all Americans who receive Social Security will get an 8.7% raise in January. Keep that in mind as you head to the voting booth this November.

what lies I’m tired of hearing Trump lie. What did he lie about? That our financial services would be in jeopardy under the Biden administration? That we were on the verge of a third world war? That the withdrawal from Afghanistan under Biden would not succeed? That our oil supplies, which we have in abundance here in the US, would be in jeopardy and gas prices would soar? That our taxes would rise?

Trump abuses trust: The corruption allegations in the 2020 election were a conspiracy fabricated by Donald Trump to cast doubt on his loss and unite his supporters with a false excuse. His denial became a major allegation of voter fraud. With no credible evidence but utilizing an established trust with his followers, they were willing to further this conspiracy. A prime example of how trust is abused with loyalty!

Missing ‘good old days’: The Democrats are so scared of Trump’s inauguration in 1924 that they will say and do anything. Gosh, it might take us back to 1.5% inflation and $2.30 a gallon of gas. Groceries were a regular price and it didn’t even take half a paycheck to heat our homes and pay our utility bills! Now we look back at Trump’s four-year tenure and realize that these were the new “good old days” that Biden quickly ruined after his inauguration.

Words and actions: How is it that the person with the loudest mouth and the smallest store of credibility always emerges as the bravest and coolest after the crisis? It was recently revealed that Sen. Ted Cruz was hiding in a pantry closet during the January 6 riots, and that’s out of the question!

Let’s constrain both parties: Ted Slowik’s opinions of the Republican Party are so biased. I guess for him the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know. Let’s face the facts. They say right-wing Republicans are more concerned about crime, inflation and tax cuts by the billionaire elite so they can get even richer. Another Speak Out staffer suggested restricting people like George Soros and Mark Zuckerburg who donate Democrat coffers. Not a bad idea for either party to limit their funds from the rich.

Climate not an issue: I really hate to burst the bubble on these entitled and protected college kids about climate change being a major and important campaign issue. This is not registered at all by most voters on the issue priority scale. What are they even teaching our children in these big universities and colleges at ridiculous tuition and room and board prices? Welcome to street university and the real world. Wow, are you in for a shock!


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