Star Entertainment Group has issued notices for show purposes in Queensland – IAG

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The Queensland Gaming Authority has issued good cause notices to three companies in the Star Entertainment Group, outlining possible disciplinary action it intends to take against the casino operator after recently being found inappropriate.

The companies in question are The Star Entertainment Qld Limited, which holds the license for Treasury Brisbane, The Star Entertainment Qld Custodian Pty Ltd, which holds the license for The Star Gold Coast, and The Star Entertainment Qld Limited, which is the lessee Gold Coast acts by The Star.

According to the information in the show’s cause notices, the Queensland Government has directed the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation to take action against Star, with the regulator stating: “The Minister believes that grounds for taking disciplinary action against The Star Entertainment Qld Ltd and that the initiating incidents giving rise to such causes are likely to be adequately addressed only through the taking of disciplinary action.”

Specifically, the release states that Star has “established and perpetuated a poor corporate culture of compliance and accountability” in which it has been guilty of “putting perceived business interests ahead of compliance and protecting the integrity of gaming.”

Its failings, the notice adds, included failing to disfellowship people who have been disfellowshipped in other states, failing to engage in appropriate money laundering and allowing the use of China UnionPay debit cards to transfer gambling funds.

Disciplinary measures under consideration include anything from a letter of no confidence or written orders to a fine of up to AU$100 million, the cancellation or suspension of Star’s casino licenses or the appointment of a special manager.

As previously reported by IAG, Star was found unfit to operate its Queensland casinos last month after completing a review of its operations in September. The review and subsequent report by Robert Gotterson AO also took into account the findings of a similar review in NSW which recommended that Star be found unfit to retain his casino license at The Star Sydney.

Queensland Attorney General and Justice Minister Shannon Fentiman has previously said the government will adopt all of the report’s 12 recommendations, most notably the appointment of a special manager to oversee Star’s recovery efforts.

Star has 21 days to respond to the show’s communications, the company said.


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